Craig Selinger, a learning and language therapist, and Dr.Blythe Grossberg, a learning specialist with a Psy.D. in psychology, launched Themba Tutors in the summer of 2012. “Themba” means “trust,” in Zwahele. We’re a homegrown, traveling-and-office-based professional tutoring practice, comprised of learning specialists who provide homework support and test preparation services. We work with the widest range of learners, from young children to college students, including those with learning differences. Our specialists also offer adult coaching services to working professionals looking for organizational assistance, reading, and/or writing support.

All Themba Tutors have either a master’s-level or doctoral degree directly related to helping children and adults with learning differences.  Indeed, many members of our multidisciplinary team are scholars, who have written and lectured extensively about learning differences.

Tutoring as a profession is currently unregulated; unfortunately, holding a Ph.D. in history does not qualify a person to tutor history. Many tutors, including those with advanced degrees, have minimal academic training in learning differences, and little or no experience teaching in public or private schools. Your child will benefit far more from working with qualified–or licensed—tutors, specially trained to assess and focus on particular learning differences.  Parents seeking the right tutor for their child are faced with the additional challenge of assessing each candidate’s qualifications.

Themba does much of this research for you.  Each of our tutors is highly skilled at uncovering and addressing core learning difficulties. Our goal isn’t just to help with this year’s academic material, but to refine core skills that will apply to future learning.  Gains made in ‘learning to learn’ ought to last a lifetime.

Themba Tutors learning specialists have advanced academic training, and years of teaching experience in the best public and private schools.  They understand school culture and curricula and do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  They begin by developing a unique learning profile for each child.  With love and patience, they go on to teach him or her the skills needed to maximize their potential..

Themba’s test-preparation services are similarly guided by this philosophy.  We combine thoughtful, directed, interdisciplinary skill instruction, designed to help your child perform to their top potential. And because we’re cognizant of the impact psychological pressures can have on learning, we consult with licensed mental health professionals to help address test anxiety and test-day demands.

Similarly, our college counseling services help students with learning differences prepare for college. We advise students and parents in the best ways to find colleges that offer the specific services each student will need in helping them learn and mature.

If your child appears to have learning issues but hasn’t yet been evaluated, we’ll bring in qualified, caring licensed child and adult evaluators.  We characterize our mission this way:  supporting parent and child in shifting the perception of learning differences from lifelong challenges, to deeply rewarding, lifelong journeys.