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Mention the phrase “Ivy League” and most of us would immediately picture well-dressed preppy students in their designer cardigans and sweaters. But obviously, Ivy League is much more than that. The Ivy League comprises eight of America’s oldest and most distinguished universities. Originally, these colleges created a league based on their similar intellectual, academic, and athletic interests.

These schools are:


Ivy League universities have a lengthy history of great achievements and distinguished students. They are home to some of the greatest professional schools of law, business, and medicine, on top of highly competitive undergraduate programs. Ivy League graduates have gone on to become world leaders, business moguls, thought leaders, and prominent figures in science, technology, economics, finance, medicine, media, and many others.

So it’s not a surprise that the admissions process to any of these universities is extremely rigorous and selective. Students must not only meet but surpass the highest standards set by these institutions, which means they must not only excel in academics but also have a well-rounded personality, leadership qualities, and a strong, driven character.

Pros of Going to an Ivy League School:

  • Have an irresistible resume
  • Become a part of a network of successful people
  • Learn from the most esteemed professors
  • Access to a wide range of resources


Ivy League tutors in New York


How Can Ivy League Tutors Help?


Applying to an Ivy League institution is far from being your typical college admissions process. While some factors remain the same, it often requires more intense preparation. Each school has their own criteria, and specific requirements must be met before a student is considered. In some instances, even excelling in the academic and extra-curricular requirements is not enough to guarantee your spot. So how do you get a headstart on your Ivy League application? That’s where Ivy League tutors come in.

Services Offered:

Help in homework

Ivy League tutors are trained and prepared to help your child in every topic, including science, mathematics, English, history, and foreign language. Many of our tutors have been working with families over the course of several years, from the first year of middle school all the way to finishing highschool and beyond.

Subject tutoring

Our Ivy League tutors are well-trained and highly qualified to teach and guide your child in every subject, right up to and including the AP level, and popular topics including AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Computer Science, AP Government, AP English, AP Statistics, and other AP topics. We also have Ivy League tutors for specialized skills such as python and javascript, data analytics, machine learning, to name a few.

Essay and college counseling

Our Ivy League tutors can assist you and your child in every step of the college admissions process (beginning in the 9th grade by combining an action plan or 11th grade when we present a college list). From brainstorming, shortlisting topics or ideas, and outlining to revision and editing, our Ivy League tutors and essay writing specialists aid students in their personal and college application essays

Specialized test preparations

Our test preparation tutors are some of the best teachers you will find. For years, they have helped students ace the SAT, ACT, college admissions tests, and other standardized tests. They continue to study and train so as to update their own knowledge and be well-equipped to handle the new incarnations of these tests. A standard test preparation course takes three to six months, although occasionally, we work with exceptionally determined students who want to dedicate more time.

Convenient study

Our tutoring plans are customized to fit your child’s individual needs and designed to help them navigate the demands of their academic life. Our Ivy League tutors can help you identify your child’s strengths and focus on areas that need to be reinforced. Furthermore, your convenience is important to us, and we recognize that children learn best when they are comfortable in their surroundings. Hence, our Ivy League tutors can meet and support your child at your preferred tutoring location (whether at-home or online). We can also create our tutoring schedule around your most convenient times.

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