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Orange County, NY Tutor

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Students of all ages receive one-on-one guidance in all instructional materials, exam preparation, and executive function therapy. At Themba Tutors, we take the time to help students and clients appreciate their strengths and succeed in areas where they need to improve. We offer personalized tools for each of our clients to help them become more aware of their individual needs as they work toward short-term goals. These skills will assist our students/clients in achieving their long-term goals.

👉Orange County, NY Tutor👈
Orange County, NY Tutor

Themba Tutors is committed to guiding your child to academic success. Our Orange County, NY tutor, Brent, specializes in readingwriting, and creative writing tutoring. Wе will раrtnеr together to аdd аnу tорiсѕ or areas уоur сhild needs extra help with. We can start our tutoring and instruction for your child as soon as you want.


Our multisensory reading tutor will personalize reading tutoring to keep your child inspired and engaged. In addition to providing reading tutoring and instruction, our tutor will track your child’s progress and offer comments to ensure that they continue to improve his or her reading comprehension, decoding, and reading speed skills.


Themba Tutors’ live learning platform enables you and your child to meet with a private writing tutor in the most convenient manner. We offer in-home writing tutoring. You and your child can choose the time and place that suit you best as long as you have the freedom and flexibility to do so.

Creative Writing Tutor

Having creative writing tutors assist beginning writers with honing their creative writing abilities and focusing on the aspects they care about most or require the most assistance with can help them improve their writing skills. Storytelling, language, and flow, developing a personal writing voice and style, structuring their piece properly, or receiving constructive criticism and feedback are just a few things that may be improved.

English Language Arts

Themba Tutors’ English language arts tutors and expository writing tutors help students with expository writing by identifying and overcoming their weaknesses and improving and expanding on their strengths. Students learning is improved by relating it to their lives, providing the required tools, making learning enjoyable, and customizing our tutoring lessons to every grade and skill level.


If you live in Newburgh, New Windsor, Walden and Cornwall, we offer free consultations and meet and greets.


👉Orange County, NY Tutor👈

Master of Arts in Education with a Specialization in English Language Arts

Our Orange County, NY tutor Brent currently teaches English Language Arts at the highly rated James I. O’Neill High School in Highland Falls, New York. Before starting a family and creating a home in the Hudson Valley, Brent discovered that he had an undying desire to help young people grow as critical thinkers and effective communicators. Instead of continuing to climb the corporate ladder, he decided to switch careers and focus his energy towards learning the craft of teaching. Brent was soon accepted into the highly competitive New York City Teacher Fellowship program.

While working as an English teacher at a Title One High School in Brooklyn, Brent attended graduate school at Brooklyn College where he earned a Master of Arts in Education with a Specialization in English Language Arts. He is now a highly effective, professionally certified New York State educator (English 7-12) with over seven years of experience.

Throughout his career Brent has worked within an Integrated Co-Teaching setting, and has learned to differentiate his approaches by creating multiple access points for every type of learner. Brent is a firm believer in the Universal Design of Learning method of pedagogy, and feels that every learner, regardless of learning differences, can meet and exceed rigorous expectations. However, it is a must that the educator is observant and takes the time to get to know the student. Brent believes that a tutor/coach must understand the way in which a student thinks and discover the barriers that they may be facing. Not only does this help create rapport between the coach and the student, but it also builds an open line of communication that will ultimately lead towards a customized plan towards mastery and success.

In addition to teaching English Language Arts, Brent teaches Creative Writing, and Public Speaking–a course that also includes a unit that helps students prepare for interviews. While working in Brooklyn, he also organized workshops where he worked with students to edit and enhance their college essays.

**Guarantee: It’s critical that whoever receives our tutoring services connects with the specialist. The specialist has expertise in the area of need and is available to travel to you. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we are 100% committed to finding you the right professional.

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Meet Craig Selinger, the passionate owner behind Themba Tutors, a renowned practice specializing in executive function coaching and tutoring. Together with his team of multidisciplinary professionals, they bring their extensive knowledge to numerous locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as offering remote services. As a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of NY, executive functioning coach, and educational specialist with an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Craig has professionally assisted thousands of families. Craig's proficiency encompasses a wide spectrum of areas, including language-related learning challenges such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. He is also well-versed in executive functioning, ADHD/ADD, and various learning disabilities. What truly distinguishes Craig and his team is their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive support. By actively collaborating with the most esteemed professionals within the NYC metropolitan region – from neuropsychologists to mental health therapists and allied health experts – they create a network of expertise.
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