How a Tutor Can Help Motivate Your Teen:

Developing Independence, Focus, and Self-Esteem


How a Tutor Can Help Motivate Your Teen

It is no secret among parents that having a teen can prove to be a huge challenge. Between the constant power struggles as teens assert their independence while the adults try to instill discipline through rules, parents also have to constantly come up with ways to ensure their children stay active, engaged, and interested in school and extracurricular activities.

Granted, there are plenty of teens who can keep themselves busy, motivated, and focused all on their own. But for some, the call of video games and other distractions is more difficult to ignore. As a result, they fall into an unproductive routine, get mediocre grades at best, and show no interest in sports and other physical activities.

This perceived “laziness” is often a subject of arguments between teens a nd their parents, increasing tension within the family and resulting in even bigger problems at school. And even for high-achieving students, staying focused on a goal can be daunting, especially when they are not satisfied with their progress.

What some parents may not realize is that teens experience plenty of social, emotional, mental, and physical changes at this stage in their lives. Not to mention, the mounting pressure in meeting growing academic demands and expectations as well as in preparing for college admissions. These factors can often be overwhelming, leading some teens to retreat into a more comfortable yet unproductive routine.

Many parents resort to conventional strategies, such as rewards and punishment, but these techniques only work temporarily and can often backfire. In the end, it’s important for parents to understand that most of the time, their teenager does not completely lack motivation. In today’s world—where everything can be done with a touch of a button—what many teenagers struggle with the most is appreciating tasks that do not directly impact them or immediately result in something tangible. 

This can be difficult for some parents to understand, which can lead to increased frustration and tension between both parties. And that is where a private tutor comes in. The benefits of a private tutor goes beyond helping your child complete homework and projects on time.

How a Tutor Can Help Motivate Your Teen to Excel in School


What Are the Benefits of Having a Private Tutor for Your Child?


Most of the time, parents only consider hiring a private tutor when they see clear signs that their child is struggling at school. But the benefits of private tutoring go beyond making sure your child completes his or her homework on time. Among other things, a private tutor may just be what parents and teenagers need to lessen stress, improve parent-child relationship, and help students stay on track at school. 

Here are more reasons as to why it’s important for parents to work with a private tutor, learning specialist, or coach. Read on to find out how a tutor can help motivate your teen and improve their school performance.

1. Tutoring encourages independence

In the study Self-Determination Theory and Work Motivation, researchers found that teens who feel more in control tend to become more motivated and invest more time and effort. It is important for teens not to feel forced to accomplish tasks. Instead, they must feel the need to study or complete a project without pressure from their teachers or parents.

A good private tutor, learning specialist, or coach will take into consideration the student’s learning style and interests. He or she will make sure that your teen has a say on how to approach their tutoring sessions, which activities to focus on, and what strategies to use. This allows teens to become more invested in their own learning and foster a feeling of autonomy and independence.

2. Tutoring improves focus, confidence, and self-esteem

Private tutoring takes the child away from the distractions of a busy classroom, which allows students to concentrate on their studies, use their time efficiently, and receive focused guidance from their tutor. The one-on-one approach and positive reinforcement from their private tutor also help build confidence among teenagers. When students are confident about their own skills and knowledge, they become more active and engaged in school and in other activities.

3. Tutoring builds better study habits

Aside from helping students understand and master content areas, a private tutor can also teach your teen practical strategies and techniques to improve focus, knowledge retention, organization and time management skills, and planning. These are essential as teens learn to have ownership and take responsibility for their own academic success.


Having a third-party tutor eases the stress between parents and teens, allowing them to focus on other key areas in their parent-child relationship.

4. Tutoring eases household tension

A private tutor can provide your teens with academic guidance and support, allowing the parents to focus on their child’s other areas of need and reducing clashes at home. Instead of having to constantly remind their teen to complete their homework or project, moms and dads can instead turn their attention to ensuring their teen’s other needs are met and other aspects of their lives are fulfilled. This includes encouraging healthy routines, good sleeping habits, volunteer and social work, and sports activities.

5. Tutoring increases intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation refers to one’s willingness to accomplish something for its inherent satisfaction rather than as a way to avoid punishment or gain rewards. A teen who is intrinsically motivated completes tasks because they welcome the challenge and appreciate its value and importance, not because they look forward to a reward or are pressured to do so. With private tutoring, your teen’s tutor, learning specialist, or coach will ensure the strategies, activities, and subject matter are applicable and aligned with the student’s interests. When students can see and understand the relevance of mastering a certain skill or content area, it improves their intrinsic motivation to study and be more engaged academically.



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