Remote Instruction and Students with ADHD: Tips for Learning and Accessing Services Through the DOE


October 16th, Zoom


Remote learning already comes with its own set of challenges that millions of students and parents must learn to navigate this school year. But for students diagnosed with ADHD, remote instruction is an even tougher wall to climb.

Join our FREE LIVE CONVERSATION on October 16, 2020, noon EST, with developmental neuropsychologist Claire Golden, Ph.D., special education advocate, and consultant Miriam A. Nunberg, Esq., and licensed speech-language pathologist, learning specialist, and CEO of Brooklyn Letters and Themba Tutors Craig Selinger, as they discuss with parents the opportunities and strategies needed by children with ADHD to succeed in remote learning.

How to Write a Successful College Application Essay Without Breaking a Sweat!


October 8th, Zoom


Please join us for a one-hour Zoominar for college-bound students and families about the essay writing process. We will focus on the Personal Statement for the Common Application, decoding each question and discussing strategies for answering them. For illustration, we will analyze essays by successful recent college applicants. The session will include brainstorming exercises that students can practice independently and some time for questions and answers.


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Past Public Programs

Primer for Diagnosis! How to Help Students with Learning Disabilities


March 20th, Zoom


If the underlying problem is not identified within the right time frame and with the appropriate methods, parents, students, and teachers risk letting students fall through the cracks. It is an overwhelming process for parents and even for professionals to navigate the sea of diagnostic labels.


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Past Public Programs

Dyslexia Expert Panel Discussion for Parents and Professionals


April 3rd, Manhattan, NYC


What is dyslexia? Who diagnoses it? This panel presentation will help you to explore these questions and more. Moderated by Craig Selinger of Themba Tutors and Manhattan Letters, four New York City experts will present a primer for dyslexia.