how to help students with their executive functioning at home

Helping Students with Their Executive Functioning at Home

Parent Discussion on How to Help Students with Their Executive Functioning at Home


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Does your child struggle to remain organized, stick to a schedule, or complete tasks she set out to do? Your child may be showing signs of executive functioning skills disorder.

How to Help Students With Their Executive Functioning at Home


Join Craig Selinger and Sharif Williams on Monday, November 7, 6 pm (virtual) for an open discussion where parents are encouraged to ask questions and to learn how to help students with their executive functioning at home. Executive skills are tools for success in every area of our lives. We welcome you to be part of this conversation.

Strong executive functioning skills can help you achieve your goals at home, in the classroom, or in a work environment. By breaking a big task into smaller tasks, allocating resources, and keeping track of materials and physical space, you can help yourself be more productive and efficient. It is also necessary in organizing a sequence of actions taken in order to reach an objective, set certain times in which tasks should be executed, delegate, meet deadlines, and assess one’s own work or performance.

An individual’s executive functioning skills go beyond just maintaining a neat office or keeping a clean closet. They include knowing how to manage time productively, multitasking, determining what tasks have to be done at a given time, and much more. It also refers to one’s ability to remain composed, maintain focus, stay levelheaded in challenging times, and the like.

Executive functioning coaching/tutoring helps individuals minimize or eliminate any factors that prevent them from becoming successful and efficient at home, school, and work, such as procrastination, poor communication, and clutter.

Craig Selinger

Helping Students with Their Executive Functioning at Home

Speech Language Pathologist, Learning Specialist, and CEO of Themba Tutors & Brooklyn Letters

Sharif Williams

sharif williams themba tutor
Student Support Counselor, Greene Hill School. Sharif is currently the Student Support Services Counselor at Greene Hill School working with K – 8th grade. At Greene Hill, Sharif helps teachers enrich the social and emotional development of the student body. He also works with families and teachers to develop student support plans to assist with academic accommodations and modifications to help boost academic success and emotional well-being.



Ebook: Executive Functioning 101: Prepared by The National Center for Learning Disabilities
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