Academic Evaluations

Academic Evaluation, Themba Tutors

Themba Tutors collaborates with a licensed New York State psychologist who offers a one or two hour academic evaluation of your child at your New York City home or at his Tribeca office. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess your child's skills in executive functioning (related to academics), reading, spelling, writing, or math. The results, provided in less than one hour, inform you about how your child is performing in comparison with national norms. You will also receive verbal feedback regarding your child's academic skills from this psychologist trained in learning and learning differences.

In addition, within two business days, the psychologist who conducts the evaluation will provide you with a two-to-three page written report that includes an explanation of your child's test scores and his recommendations about how to improve your child's skills. Results will not be released to other parties without your written consent.


Executive Functioning
Related to academics
Reading Comprehension
Written Expression
Two Assessments
If they are scheduled over one session

*Please note that the nature of this academic evaluation is to establish your child's baseline functioning in preparation for tutoring: it is not required to initiate services with either party, and both parties aren t in business with one another. This academic evaluation is not a comprehensive assessment for diagnostic purposes. Themba Tutors collaborates with licensed psychologists who perform psychoeducational and/or neuropsychological evaluations, and refers families, when needed, to these professionals.