Themba Tutors: Providing Doorstep Tutoring And Coaching Services

Themba Tutors: Providing Doorstep Tutoring And Coaching Services


It is not unusual for students to have challenges keeping up with their classroom assignments, homework, or projects. Many students face difficulties in learning science, technology, math, or engineering subjects and staying caught up with the rigorous content of the subject matters. Tutoring is an excellent way to help students manage their homework or school/college assignments. If you are a high school or college student and feel that tutoring in these subjects would be helpful, then Themba Tutors is your one-stop learning spot. And we make it easy by coming right to your doorstep. We come to you!

Themba Tutors Professional Tutoring

Students who live in New York City, in Manhattan or in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, or in Nassau County, Long Island, can contact Themba Tutors for their STEM courses, especially those upper-level sciences of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It is not uncommon for high school ( 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade) and college students to find these subjects difficult to learn.

At Themba Tutors we provide:
  • Individual and personalized attention
  • Engaging and content-rich specialists
  • Convenient sessions in your home or school
  • Tailor-made lessons
  • Online support as needed

Themba Tutors Teaches Students in all Levels of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Qualified Tutors: Our specialists understand the levels of learning of students and provide customized lessons for each student s individual needs. We pinpoint specific struggles and create solutions. Students will then be able to complete their lessons in a more skilled and efficient manner.

Make the Learning Process Easier for Students with Learning Differences: Our tutors have expertise in learning disabilities such as reading or writing disorders, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, all levels of the autism spectrum, and with difficulties in executive functioning skills.

Customized Lessons: Our designed lessons help students with a variety of learning profiles learn in unique ways. Students from high school to college work with experienced tutors who are content masters of the subject matter and who can tweak lessons as needed to meet each student s individual needs.

Themba Tutors: Providing Doorstep Tutoring And Coaching Services

Our trained tutors make the learning process:

  • Fun and stimulating
  • Flexible in approach
  • Specific by framing the concepts to make the abstract more concrete
  • One catered to each student s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Foundationally strong allowing the student to then build on that knowledge
  • Active and engaging

Tutoring is an important way in which students who are struggling in the learning process can receive individualized help needed to gain confidence in mastering the content.

Want to know more Give Themba Tutors LLC a call!

If you would like to learn more about getting extra support for your child, then we would love to hear from you. Our friendly team is on standby to help you with any needs and answer any questions you might have. We can be reached at

(917) 382-8641 &

[email protected]

(we respond to email right away!)

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Meet Craig Selinger, the passionate owner behind Themba Tutors, a renowned practice specializing in executive function coaching and tutoring. Together with his team of multidisciplinary professionals, they bring their extensive knowledge to numerous locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as offering remote services. As a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of NY, executive functioning coach, and educational specialist with an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Craig has professionally assisted thousands of families. Craig's proficiency encompasses a wide spectrum of areas, including language-related learning challenges such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. He is also well-versed in executive functioning, ADHD/ADD, and various learning disabilities. What truly distinguishes Craig and his team is their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive support. By actively collaborating with the most esteemed professionals within the NYC metropolitan region – from neuropsychologists to mental health therapists and allied health experts – they create a network of expertise.
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