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Students of all ages receive one-on-one tutoring in all instructional materials, test preparation, and executive function coaching as required. At Themba Tutors, we take the time to help students/clients understand their strengths and progress in areas where they need to improve. We offer personalized tools for each of our clients to help them become more aware of their individual needs as they work towards short-term goals. Improving these skills will benefit our students’/clients’ long-term plans.

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What is Executive Functioning Tutoring or Coaching?

Executive Functioning Coach NYU – Executive functioning coaching is also known as organizational coaching/tutoring. Executive functioning is a collection of mental skills or brain activities that includes:


  • Working memory
  • Flexible thinking
  • Self-control


Every day, we utilize these abilities to study, work and manage daily life. Organizational skill difficulties can find it harder to:


  • Focus
  • Follow directions
  • Handle emotions


It is critical to have good organizing abilities in order to achieve objectives or to complete activities. Mental control and self-regulation are two neurologically-based abilities. They enable a person to retain concentration while completing various activities and effectively use time, energy, mental capacity, and resources to accomplish their goals. In a nutshell, they are abilities that are necessary for balancing everyday obligations at home, school, or job.


For example:

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Organizational skills allow you to plan:


  • A vacation itinerary
  • A presentation for work
  • A writing assignment for school


One of the most common symptoms of executive functioning issues is disorganization, a common term in schools and psychological offices. This isn’t simply a passing trend. Neuropsychologists have been investigating these abilities for a long time.




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What Can an Organizational Coach/Tutor Do to Assist Your NYU College Student?

Consider how life could be for someone with poor organizing abilities. It teaches you how these fundamental abilities influence your ability to handle daily activities.


Organizational skills are more than just being able to have a clean workplace or a neat closet. They enable people to organize their lives, become more productive, and prioritize activities based on necessity or urgency. When confronted with an unexpected circumstance or difficulty, it also refers to one’s ability to remain cool, focused, and retain perspective.


A good set of organizing abilities enables one to manage and break down a large job into smaller tasks, distribute resources, and keep track of space and supplies to accomplish the objective more effectively while dealing with projects at home, at school, or work. Similarly, it is critical to plan the sequence of actions required to achieve a goal, establish and stick to a deadline for tasks, delegate, meet deadlines, and evaluate one’s work or performance.


Individuals who get organizational ADHD and ADD coaching/tutoring can reduce or remove procrastination, poor communication, and clutter that prevent them from being effective and efficient with their college studies.


An organizational NYU Executive Functioning Coach/Tutor can assist college students with the following:


  • When faced with unexpected or abrupt changes, maintaining a calm attitude and restraining impulsive behavior are essential. Flexible thinking is a good thing.
  • Management of emotional reactions
  • Task-initiation
  • It is possible to create ideas and problem-solving techniques.
  • Planning
  • Setting time limitations is a crucial component of effective time management.
  • Keeping their dorm or house in order Email management
  • Email management
  • Self-assessment of one’s work or progress
  • Improving professional communication
  • Organizing your thoughts (such as decision-making, analyzing, critical and creative thinking, and attention to detail, to name a few)


Organizational skills are a collection of abilities that are linked and overlap. Therefore, our NYU Executive Functioning Coaches and tutors need to know which of these abilities a client is having difficulty with and to what extent they are interfering with their everyday college life and studies while assisting them.

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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Organizational Issues?

Organizational difficulties may impact individuals in a variety of ways. However, because ADHD is a difficulty with executive functioning, the problems frequently seem to be symptoms of ADHD.


People who have trouble staying organized may:


  • Have trouble beginning and finishing jobs
  • Do you have trouble prioritizing your tasks?
  • Forget what they’ve just heard or read
  • Have trouble following instructions or a sequence of steps given to them
  • Panic when norms or routines change
  • Have difficulty switching your attention from one activity to another?
  • Get overly emotional and fixate on things
  • Have difficulty organizing their thoughts into words and ideas
  • Have trouble keeping track of their belongings
  • Have difficulty managing their time

What Organizational Coaching and Tutoring Does Themba Tutors Provide?

We focus on organizational coaching and tutoring for college students. We also help individuals and professionals improve their organizing abilities. These are some of them:


  • Self-regulation or managing impulsive behavior
  • Sustaining focus and attention
  • Initiating difficult or non-preferred tasks
  • Organization of materials, ideas, information, and data
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Time-management
  • Cognitive flexibility


Our ADHD and ADD coaching programs are designed to help college students improve their organizing abilities, which are critical for academic and professional success. We can assist college students with:


We can help college students with the following tasks:


  • Maintaining a clean work environment and keeping track of what is due and when to tackle these assignments
  • Task and schedule optimization
  • Projects are broken down into smaller jobs.
  • Making the most of break periods
  • Adapting routines and timetables
  • Adjusting tasks and procedures
  • Task initiation, planning, and execution scaffolding techniques and approaches
  • Instilling multimodality techniques to improve learning and memory retention
  • And there’s more!
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