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Back-to-School During COVID-19

Back-to-School in the Age of COVID-19:

Helpful Resources for Kids and Parents


Back-to-school during Covid-19 tips for parents and students.


As parents and children prepare for the school year ahead, there are still a lot of uncertainty about how and where students will learn. Depending on the local coronavirus situation, some schools may reopen completely come fall. Meanwhile, others will remain closed or give families the option to alternate between online and in-person learning. Understandably, this uncertainty is causing families to experience a great amount of anxiety and fear as the school year fast approaches. For tips on addressing these concerns and preparing for an uncertain back-to-school during Covid-19, read on.


Preparing for the School Year Amid Covid-19

These resources will help to address your coronavirus-related concerns and prepare your family for a safe and healthy back-to-school season.


Keeping Your Household Healthy as Schools Reopen

As part of your back-to-school during Covid-19 preparations, you will need to keep your household safe and healthy as your kids head back to the classroom in the fall. That means cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your home and belongings regularly.


Improving the Distance Learning Experience

If your kids will be schooling from home or alternating between online and in-person instruction, these resources will help to improve their distance learning experience.

  • Update your digital security to keep devices safe and to protect your kids.
  • Look for ways to keep your kids focused and engaged as they learn from home.
  • Help your children connect with online tutors to help them with challenging subjects.


There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the 2020-2021 back-to-school season, but your best bet is to plan for a year of online and in-person learning. If there’s anything that is certain about COVID-19, it is that plans can quickly change—and you will reduce stress down the road if you prepare for each possible scenario.


Providing Your Child with the Best Support

One of the best ways you can ensure the Covid-19 pandemic does not hurt your child’s academic growth even further is by providing him or her with the right tools and support—whether you opt for full-time homeschooling, learning pods, remote classes, or blended learning.

Fortunately, Themba Tutors is prepared to offer you fun, individualized, and dynamic tutoring and coaching services for children and teens. We work one-on-one with students of all ages and provide multidisciplinary, personalized services.

Composed of traveling learning specialists, academic tutors, and executive functioning coaches, Themba Tutors provides in-home and online services in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, Westchester County, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and sections of New Jersey. 


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Our special thanks to Edutude’s Laura P. for writing this post and providing us with her excellent tips.


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