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Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science & Rehab Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and has over 12 years of clinical & counseling experience. In 2011, Alex and his wife opened a Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic. He has worked for Outpatient and Inpatient facilities and was a transitional instructor and therapist for the College Internship Program (CIP) from 2010-2015. He was also an instructor for Keiser University, where he taught classes in the occupational therapy department. He was instrumental in Keiser’s OT program re-accreditation through data analysis and live interviews.

Alex is also the inventor of “I Can Tie Shoelaces” and his business is the sole distributor of ‘LegiGuide” handwriting paper, both aids for independence for school-age children. Currently, Alex works as the owner of two specialty coffee shops which he built from the ground up while simultaneously providing guidance and counseling strategies to his therapy practice and other small business entrepreneurs. Due to his diverse personal and professional experience, Alex possesses a strong background in working with children, teenagers and adults of all abilities to assist them in managing important transitional periods of their lives. Alex is fluent in Spanish & English and has a gift for quick problem solving and constantly seeking efficient solutions to an array of problems and/or difficulties. These problems can range from difficulties in executive functioning, problem-solving, social skills, entrepreneurial strategies, lack of motivation, and acquisition or development of hidden talents or gifts. Areas of his expertise include ADL & IADL’s training, coaching emerging entrepreneurs, teaching students to find their purpose in life, helping individuals spend less time on screens and more time outside, self-regulation, and executive functioning coaching.

Alex is devoted to helping each of his students reach their full potential by providing them with the tools they need to become confident, independent, and motivated individuals. He believes that everyone has a gift(s) or a talent(s) that needs to be identified, trained, and explored to their full potential. Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and racing his car in autocross events around the state.

Alex, bio. below, also offers the following services:



1. Self Regulation – In this digital age exacerbated by the pandemic, children learn to cope with overwhelming amounts of information by moving into overuse patterns (too much texting, too many video games, etc.) that have developed through the years. Themba Tutors believes that children need less information and more guided instruction for them to develop. One key area of support is in assisting middle and high school-age students in transition from electronic overuse through self-regulation strategies. Self-regulation is one of the cornerstones of emotional intelligence: The path to success is all in how you manage yourself.  Themba Tutors creates a curriculum developed to reduce students’ time spent with media, specifically phones, computers, and tablets. Through a series of fun hands-on activities, students will learn the self-regulation strategies needed to moderate tech and allow for more balanced screen time. Our program increases self-regulation in children by teaching them to manage their digital and mental life through protocols such as staying present, creating a schedule, movement or activity monitoring, identifying a sport or hobby (art, music, business) of interest, joining a relatable social group, etc.

2. Breakthrough Transitions – A breakthrough can come at any point in a person’s life, whether in high school or college, and can include anything from breaaking a habit, transitioning from a bad situation to a better one (new job), changing unhealthy habits to healthy ones, moving from employed to self-employed, etc. We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve a breakthrough in their lives. When it comes to health, fitness, and mindset, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. That is why we are committed to providing resources that help people take control of their lives and make their ambitions a reality.

3. Outdoor Skill Builder – We are on a mission to replace video games with dopamine and Vitamin D. We believe that the most addictive things in life—including food that causes us to be overweight and video games that contribute to kids becoming antisocial zombies—can be made less addictive by revealing their addictive properties and teaching a greater biological understanding of how they effect the brain. On such way is assisting kids and adults in finding fun, interactive, and healthy habits or routines that can be done outdoors. Join our Outdoor Skill Builder!

4. Life Purpose Builder (“What is my superpower?” Classes) – In these classes we assist students in identifying their purpose, gift, or talent and help them learn how to maximize it to improve themselves and minimize their weaknesses. Participants will gain knowledge about the power of developing a positive mindset with specific tools on how to set goals, manage daily life, and communicate and collaborate with others.

5. The Entrepreneurship World – Become an entrepreneur and enjoy your life to the fullest. Have an idea or a product? … Let’s make it come to life! Fed up with all that corporate red tape? Start your own business! Learn to be an entrepreneur, a business owner, and learn how to create a business the right way. You can become a product creator with a good concept or idea that you would like to see come to life.

6. Social Skills – This is for the high school student, the college student, the employee, and the employer. Why is it that some people can navigate the social scene with ease while others struggle? We aim to help you develop the social skills you need to rise through the ranks or change careers, how to and when to show your best self for a higher grade, raise, or a life-changing opportunity.

7. ADL & IADL’s Training – Families sometimes need assistance in identifying proper ways to build skills in children to help them be more independent in tasks, such as restroom use to bike riding, and beyond. Self-esteem boosters and guided coaching techniques are used to promote success. With our mix of guided progressions and fun rewards, children learn how to build confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to reach their potential in a positive way. Parents learn how to set realistic goals for their children while learning techniques to help guide and achieve those goals. Refer to a self-care development chart outlining independent skills from babies to eight years of age.

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