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Bring Serenity and Order to Your Home or Office

Karin Socci, MA, MBA


Karin is certified as the first worldwide Master KonMari Consultant Practitioner by the KonMari Institute and is certified as a Professional Organizer in the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Bringing her experience as a Clinical Psychotherapist into her practice, she works to bring serenity and order into hundreds of homes and offices.

Karin is here to help you and your NYC family reduce stress! Karin personally works with you in your home to help everyone in your family manage their time more efficiently. Her services are a must in today's overwhelming, fast-paced lifestyle.

Karin s in-home services range from one-time meetings to multiple sessions as needed or requested by each family's he works with. These custom-tailored sessions include organizing, how to schedule and keep track of family's upplies, coordinating family's cheduling and activities, transitioning, e.g., morning routines, setting time for rest, relaxation, and exercise.


Karin is also a pro with technology, and she will help you set up best practices for organizing paperwork, communication, and scheduling playdates, doctor s appointments, after school activities, and travel/leisure time.

In-Home Assessment

The in-home comprehensive assessment and interviews are scheduled for a two to three hour block. In-person is preferred, although some of the interviewing can occur over the phone or through Skype. The first step is to examine your current systems (or lack of them) and discuss them with all key family members and helpers. This includes individual and family goals, how needs are communicated, what chores are expected, and how these expectations are managed among family members. The family will think about and determine the biggest obstacles interfering with individual and family functioning. The end goal is to create lasting positive family changes.

Solutions and Problem-Solving

Next, a Getting Organized custom plan is designed. Karin builds upon strengths and creates a step by step plan to overcome challenges.

  • A communication system that works for everyone will ensure that important events and expectations are met.
  • Setting up a central command center providing a place for calendars, upcoming events, important emergency information, and necessary supplies is designed.
  • Selecting new storage solutions will keep your home neat and orderly. Paper, whether schoolwork, mail, or other documents, need a maintenance system so that things don t pile up, but relevant content can easily be found.
  • Selecting systems for getting up in the morning at the optimal time, planning meals, completing homework, spending quiet time, establishing no device time, incorporating family relaxation time, and setting a consistent bedtime will be offered.
  • A backup plan will be handy when things don t go as planned and follow up tweaks are recommended to fine tune what works best for all involved parties.

Contact Karin at karin@theserenehome.com.

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