Application Deadline: April 15, 2019



Are you looking for a Brooklyn half-day special summer learning experience for your child, a rising 3rd-5th grader, that combines both learning and fun

Join Themba Tutors LLC for a literacy experience that will foster children s eagerness to learn as well as prepare them for the upcoming school year!

Students will engage in theme-based multisensory reading and writing hands-on activities.

Each theme will use multimedia with new topics offered every two weeks.

Summer themes include
  • Smash Movies
  • Game Show Champions
  • Time Machine Travelers
  • Video Games
  • Sports Fanatics!

Daily hands-on activities will address improving reading comprehension, writing, executive functioning, reading fluency and phonics skills. Days will be enhanced with movement, crafts, visual arts, and mindfulness activities, and math games. Teachers will engineer lessons geared toward student interests and abilities.

Students will:

  • investigate and create space rockets;
  • write and host original game shows;
  • explore and examine video games;
  • research and write stories about sports figures and events;
  • watch and discuss movie clips and compare and contrast characters and scenes;
  • travel back in time and create their ideal futuristic world;
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Each classroom will have:

  • 2 experienced and certified NYC Department of Education teachers (at least one licensed in Special Education).
  • a third professional as a teacher assistant.
  • a maximum of 10 students per classroom
  • rising students entering 3rd to 5th grades and students will be broken up into groups based on their developmental literacy levels.

Your child will have an almost 3:1 ratio teacher/student ratio


Sterling School


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Sign up for 1, 2 or 3 sessions:

Session A: July 8 July 19

Session B: July 22 August 2

Session C: August 5 August 16


Sterling School


The Sterling School, 134 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (a few blocks away from Pier 6).


Students will need to be dropped off and picked up at The Sterling School

* Transportation will not be provided.




$1400 per 2-week session plus a $50 application fee


Step 1 Application:
  • Please complete an application (this link will be available soon!)
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  • If you need the link to the application, please email us a request to summer19@thembatutors.com
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  • The deadline for submitting applications is April 15th
  • WHY DO WE REVIEW APPLICATIONS Please see the note below.


Step 2: Registration and Payment:
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  • Payment Deadline: Once you are accepted into this program, you have SEVEN business days to pay in full to reserve a spot. After this five day window, we reserve the right to offer this spot to another child.
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  • Applications close on April 15th, and the last chance to pay in full is April 20th.



  • Once payment is paid in full, 90% of the payment is refundable within ten business days of the date you paid Themba Tutors LLC.
  • After ten business days of paying Themba Tutors, 50% of the payment is refundable through June 1st.
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Who is suited to attend the Brooklyn Summer Lab Why do we review applications

Brooklyn Summer Lab is for students with and without special needs/IEPs. We take our application process very seriously to make sure we only accept kids and parents who we believe will be suited for this summer learning experience. Children are welcome from public, special ed, and private schools in NYC. All students literacy skills must be no more than one year behind their chronological age.




Early Drop-Off: ???? an early drop-off for students at 8 a.m. for an additional fee. Activities ????? ?Themba?????
Afternoon Activites: ????? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? .


For more information: Contact Summer19@ThembaTutors.com & (917) 382-8641


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