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The ACT vs. the New SAT: Understanding which Test to Take, Themba Tutors

As if the junior year of high school weren t stressful enough, now, students and their parents have to choose between two college admissions tests. The SAT?? ? ?? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????SAT????????????????ACT????????????????????????????

But how can students and their parents make this choice It s often a good idea for students to start with a diagnostic test, usually given at their schools during the sophomore or junior year, to acquaint themselves with the tests and see which they prefer. The SAT, given by the College Board, offers the PSAT, while the ACT, given by the ACT, offers the ASPIRE (and formerly offered a test called the PLAN).


With the SAT s newly designed format, starting with the administration of the March 2016 test, the SAT and ACT are not as different from each other as they used to be. The ACT is designed to be an achievement test, and it has four sections English (a test of grammar and rhetoric); reading comprehension (featuring four passages, one each from the fields of literature, humanities, social science, and natural science); math (which features questions that measure math knowledge); and science (which is focused on evaluating evidence, analyzing data, and understanding experimental design). There is also an optional essay.

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The ACT vs. the New SAT: Understanding which Test to Take, Themba Tutors

????????????????????????SAT??ACT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????SAT????????????????????????? ????. Once they have taken practice tests, students should review them to understand their mistakes, and they should also take tests under timed conditions to learn how to pace themselves. Some students choose to take review courses or work with a tutor, if their families resources allow for this help, and others can take lower-cost or free prep classes at their schools.


While the ACT and SAT are more similar than they were in the past, there are some differences between the tests. In general, the ACT caters well to students who are willing to put in time taking practice tests and learning the material. Some students fear the science section because they don t consider themselves strong science students, but this section is a measurement of scientific design, of interpreting data, and of understanding how to evaluate evidence. Few questions in the science section require scientific knowledge of a specific nature.

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While no one relishes taking these tests, students can optimize their chances of doing well by taking a diagnostic test to decide which test to take, taking as many practice tests as possible, reviewing these tests to understand their mistakes, and then taking tests under timed conditions. It s important for students to run through timed practice tests so that they understand how the test will feel for them on test day and so that they can be as prepared as possible.


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