Tried and tested ways for parents of teens to manage their homework

Tried and Tested Ways for Parents of Teens to Manage Their Homework



parents of teens to manage their homework themba tutors

Teen parents can find it challenging to help their child with homework. However, there are a variety of different methods you can use to make the overall homework preparation process more straightforward and seamless. Keeping that in mind, a list of ideas has been created that you can start using today. Here are the things you should consider when managing a teen’s homework.

Tested Ways for Parents of Teens to Manage Their Homework


Establish a homework-friendly area.

Your child needs to have a place at home associated with school work and homework. If your apartment is small, that can be a difficult task. However, a good approach here is to find a small corner within your home that’s not used for anything. 

Then you can add a small table or a desk and turn it into a working spot. A news article has explained a few ways to create a workspace for your children in tiny apartments, especially in New York City.

You can even double down by organizing and labeling everything. The focus here is to keep things simple and also personalize the space. This way, your child will feel great. He/she will associate the spot with homework and schoolwork, bringing great performance. Discover why flashcards are a powerful, effective tool to improve memory and performance.

study shows how learning spaces can be designed to increase the positive effects of active learning.

Pick the study time and stick to it.

Preparing for work can be very challenging, and it often comes down to getting started. Kids, in particular, have difficulty establishing a schedule for anything, especially homework. That’s why it’s your task as a parent to develop a schedule for your kid. 

Having a schedule is great because it conditions the brain to work hard at a certain time every day. Doing this every day/week for a month or two becomes a habit. Another thing you want to do is to avoid situations when homework becomes a burden, so leave a bit of time between coming back home and starting work again. It is all the more stressful for parents who don’t have much time due to long work hours. Do you need a middle school or high school tutor? Themba Tutors can help.

A few FAQs asked by the parents will be answered below. 


What is the best schedule for studying?
According to international studies, the best time to study is from 11 AM to 3 PM. It’s a good idea to stick to this schedule while understanding the need to take breaks.

How many hours should one study per day?
study from the American Psychology Society states that if you space out study sessions, you will find it easier to recall what you studied. Hence, it has a positive effect on your long-term memory. The recommended study time is 4-5 hours weekly up to grade 8, then 7-8 hours per week for students past middle school.

What’s the ideal length of a study session?
It’s a tricky subject; it mostly depends on the child and the topic they want to research and study. However, a good rule of thumb suggests you should study 2 hours for every one hour of class. So if you need to study for 5 hours of class, that means 10 hours in total.

The thing is, you want to avoid very long study sessions. The ideal study session should be 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break. It’s also known as the Pomodoro technique and works extremely well when you want to study anything. The benefit of this technique is that it gives you control over how you study. Plus, cramming too much information and studying for hours will lead to exhaustion and a lack of comprehension. Shorter yet focused study sessions are much better.

Tried and tested ways for parents of teens to manage their homework

The ideal timing for study sessions.

Doing a break here and there is going to help quite a bit, and it will help boost focus. As we mentioned above, having short attention bursts followed by a short break makes it easy for the brain to accumulate information, retain info, and recover.

Motivating your child.

Yes, motivating your kid to complete their homework is extremely important, and it comes with various things and factors to consider. You can use many different methods to motivate your kid, from appreciating them to being a source of inspiration or just getting them involved. Rewarding your child can be a great idea too, so it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Challenging and celebrating them also motivates them to do great inside and outside of school. In addition, parents should promote a growth mindset.

Minimize distractions.

Another thing to consider here is that you want to keep distractions at a minimum. Distractions can easily remove focus, and that will make studying even harder. 

A good rule of thumb is to set up an area where your child can study without interruption. Of course, there are other things like removing phones or installing social media blocking applications if your child needs to use the computer for homework. Social sites, YouTube, and digital platforms, in general, are an immediate distraction and obviously a bad thing for any child trying to complete their homework.

As a result, you want to find a way to keep distractions to a minimum, which can help immensely. On top of that, you also want to find a way to monitor what apps are used on the computer so you know what to stop/remove any possible distractions. Doing that can be extremely helpful and boost your child’s focus or help them focus.


These tried and tested methods can be helpful, and you should consider applying them as quickly as possible. They work great and convey an incredible result while also giving you the control you want over such a process. There will always be some trial and error as you narrow down the different options and see what works. Remember, you want to ensure that your child is focused on their homework, so eliminating distractions and having a homework corner is crucial. Give these tips and ideas a try, and you will find it much easier to help your teen manage their homework!

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