Sylvan Learning

How Does Sylvan Learning Improve Student Performance?

Improving Student Performance the Sylvan Learning Way


Sylvan Learning has been one of North America’s major supplementary education providers for over 35 years. Sylvan Learning centers are spread throughout Canada and the United States, with each center offering high-quality individualized programs for children of different ages and skill and grade levels.

The company offers professional tutoring, enrichment programs, and camps for students of all levels. Likewise, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and – Math) and EDGE tutoring programs are available. These programs are sought-after because of Sylvan Learning’s effective teaching strategies. These include:

  • Daily and weekly activities are enriched academically
  • Highly engaging and student-friendly tutoring sessions
  • Age- and grade level-appropriate games, activities, and projects
  • Designed and managed by accredited professors
  • High-quality training with small groups and low ratios between student and instructor
  • Options for half and full days


Sylvan EDGE Camps


Sylvan EDGE camps offer learning programs in a fun and highly engaging environment. These camps are conducted several times in a year, in the summer, winter, and spring. The program focuses on developing a range of skills and abilities, including STEM, study skills, and early literacy, which can positively impact a child’s performance in school and beyond. A number of EDGE and STEM camps are available at Sylvan Learning Centers. These include:

Robotics (Grades 1-6): Children are taught how LEGO® bricks and award-winning robots may be built and programmed through a series of hands-on activities. 

Coding (grades 3-8): Children learn how to create animations and video games. This can be an excellent approach to introduce students to skills like programming, problem-solving, and logic in the 21st century. They build a video game with friends towards the end of the camp.

Engineering (grades 1-6): Children will become true engineers: machines and superstructures design, evaluate, and redesign. Every project is geared towards stimulating the creativity of each child and turns learning and problem-solving into an enjoyable game.

Study Skills (Grades 4-12): During the study skills camp, students learn to manage their time, get organized, plan projects wisely, and set and achieve goals.

Pre-K to K Early Reading: The Early Reading EDGE Camp can help children grasp the basics of reading through a combination of engaging instruction, interesting games, and professional tutors who specialize in teaching very young learners.

Algebra (Grades 6-9): This program aims to strengthen a student’s understanding of the basic concepts of algebra and strengthen their grasp of its foundations. That way, they are better equipped and well-prepared to tackle more advanced algebra curriculum as they progress in school.

Writing (Grades 4-9): Students study a wide range of creative writing techniques in this program, from writing film reviews to making web copies. At the end of the camp, students will have a portfolio that showcases their work.


Sylvan Learning


Sylvan Programs


Sylvan Learning identifies the strengths and needs of each student to better facilitate their learning and guide them in their academic journey. Some of the programs that Sylvan Learning offers include:

Beginning reading: Designed to help early learners strengthen their skills in phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Reading: Developing basic and critical thinking skills necessary in becoming skilled and confident readers.

Math: Students gain basic and advanced math skills needed to succeed in math curriculums. Sylvan Learning’s math tutoring content addresses the skills required in conventional courses in algebra, geometry, and integrated mathematical training. 

Academic writing: The program develops writing skills that students need to meet course requirements (such as essays, reports, and research projects) as well as academic writing. It covers basic grammar, sentence structures, and editing, to name a few.

Study skills: This program is aimed for all students in grades 4 to 8. Sylvan’s study skills tutors teach effective studying techniques, organizational skills, time management, and test-taking strategies. The program also develops a student’s reading and listening abilities.


What are the Benefits of Sylvan Learning Programs?


Customized learning – Programs are not one-dimensional and are tailored to address each child’s learning needs and style. This maximizes the student’s learning experienceat the appropriate pace, in the correct manner, with the correct skills.

Children are more deeply involved – For learning to be effective, a child must be highly engaged so they can retain information and understand concepts better. This demands a personal approach to ensure that each student is involved and invested in his or her own learning. 

Excellent outcomes Sylvan systematically measures academic attainment throughout all centers. Students generally progress tremendously in mathematics and reading.

Classroom impact – Sylvan Learning tutors have a good knowledge of local curricula and standards. We ensure that our tutoring programs are aligned with the child’s curriculum and that the skills he or she learns are effective in class.

Growth –  Under Sylvan Learning’s tutoring programs, parents are able to see their child’s growth right before their eyes as he or she develops effective learning habits and strengthen STEM skills, which will help students become better prepared for higher levels of education. Sylvan Learning works with families and offers support in every step of a student’s academic journey. 


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