Study Skills/Test Taking

Study skills are skill sets required to study efficiently and effectively. Development and improvement of these skills practice and take time. To optimize success and gain confidence when learning, study skills should be personalized to suit the individual abilities and needs of each student. For instance, the development of study skills of a student with learning disabilities will be different from another student without learning difficulties.

The most common study skills include
  • Testing taking
  • Active listening
  • Note-taking
  • Time management
  • Reading comprehension
  • Memorization
  • Stress management
  • Organization of ideas and study
  • Styles of writing
Each skill plays a role in the learning process of students.

Test-taking skill

This is a study skill that deals with learning about and preparing for how to take tests. Test-taking forms the basis for performance, development, and progression in educational settings. Without test taking skills, even the most intelligent students can have difficulties in taking a test. Therefore, irrespective of grade level or intelligence, every student must develop test taking skill to perform well in any tests.

To develop test taking, here are the ultimate guidelines
  • Be prepared ahead of the test by studying, taking notes, reviewing each study session and asking questions
  • Take adequate rest and eat good meals before taking any tests
  • Be in class before the test to relax and focus
  • Once the tests start, use the memory dump technique which involves jotting down the main ideas and formulas that can be easily forgotten
  • Allot time given for the test to cover all questions
  • Try as much as possible to answer all questions
  • Pay attention to instructions
  • When done with the test, take time to review your answers
  • Be positive about the outcome of the test