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Why Is Having a School Planner Important?

Why Are School Planners Important?


school planners

As all parents and students know, your school calendar can fill up pretty fast once you’ve settled into a new school year. And if you’re juggling multiple after-school activities on top of your regular class work, it becomes even more of a challenge to keep up with what you need to do and when. This often results in missed deadlines, feeling like there isn’t enough time to accomplish everything, constantly rushing to finish one task, and increased stress and anxiety. However, this can all be avoided with just one simple tool: a school planner.

Why Are School Planners Important?


Having  school planners allow you to see the big picture of your day, week, or month, thus letting you identify which tasks or goals to prioritize. It helps you plan in advance, which means you can see which tasks can fast-track your goals and anticipate those that may prevent you from achieving them. A planner can help you maximize your time and resources without feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

How to Use Your School Planners for All Your Student Needs


So what exactly makes up a good school planner, and how do you maintain one? The great thing about school planners is that you can customize them to fit your needs—budgeting your allowance, scheduling your class projects and extra-curricular activities, and even planning meals and school lunches. Getting started on your school planner is easy, especially with all the available video tutorials. To make it even easier for you, we listed down our favorite school planners we found on Youtube below!

school planners

  1.     A Back-to-School Bullet Journal That Makes Going Through Your School Schedule a Breeze

While Toronto-based artist and digital content creator AmandaRachLee created her bullet journal for her needs as a college student, it can also work well for middle school and high school students who want to be more responsible and in control of their school schedule.

Amanda’s bullet journal is made up of her schedule for the semester—which includes her exams, quizzes, and deadlines for homework, papers, and projects—monthly budget, weekly schedule for tasks and events, and a tracker for her grades during the semester.

 school planners

  1.     A Monthly Planner That Helps Improve Productivity

If you’re not a DIY bullet journal type of student, you can take advantage of ready-to-be-filled-out monthly planners available in book stores and office supply stores. Monthly planners are versatile and can be used to track and plan different aspects of your lifestyle.

New York City-based Youtuber Plan with Laur uses her monthly planner to help plan her content and track the upload schedule of her videos. Other ways that she uses her monthly planner include:

  • Meal planner – You can include what groceries you need for the week, your budget, and what meals you will prepare for the week. This is extra helpful for college students who want to be smarter with spending their allowance or salaries from their part-time jobs and be more conscious of what they eat.
  • Workout or wellness tracker
  • Personal journal or mood tracker
  •  Book tracker – If you’re a book worm, using your monthly planner to track the books you’ve read in a month is a great way to see how much time you spend on a book. Students can also use a book tracker to plan the readings they need to do for their classes.
  • Budget planner
  •  Project or event planner

 school planners


  1.     A Customizable Planner (Passion Planner) That Brings You Closer to Your Goals

Passion Planner CEO Angelia Trinidad sums up what using a planner is all about: “It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to start.” The most difficult part of having a planner is getting started. And the second most difficult part is building and maintaining a habit of using it.

Some students lose interest after the first week or month of using their planners because of several reasons. They may feel overwhelmed by all the information they need to take note of. Or they may think that it takes too much of their time. An important aspect of having a planner is committing to it, but we understand that this can be challenging for some students who already have their plates full.

If you’re worried that you may be unable to maintain a school planner, it’s best to start slow. Using a customizable school planners can help you build this habit. You can use a planner to simply write your thoughts, ideas, and daily to-do lists. Passion Planner is great for this because it has the perfect amount of structure that allows you to simply fill in the blanks. It also helps you break down your big goals into small, actionable steps and track your progress as you go about accomplishing tasks.  school planners

  1.     A Simple Planner for Students with ADHD (Or Any Student Who Just Needs a Bit of Structure)

It’s a fact that individuals with ADHD struggle with organization, keeping track of things, and following a schedule. Youtuber Leilani of Living With Eve stresses the importance of focusing on one area of need. As a mom of four and homeschool evaluator, she helps her children and students get organized by keeping things simple. In her son’s case, she uses a printable weekly planner solely for tracking and planning their weekly lessons. She makes sure to keep the planner fuss-free as too many designs and frills can be distracting.

According to Leilani, it’s crucial for students with ADHD to write on their planners themselves. “When you’re writing stuff down, it’s memory encoding. It’s gonna help him remember to do them, and also help him to organize it in a way that he knows how to get it done,” she shares in her video.

Aside from their weekly lesson plan, Leilani also included a page that her son can use to list the chores he needs to get done during the week and activities he wants to have time for.

Check out this ADHD Planner – an undated weekly and monthly planner to increase productivity and time management and hit your goals.

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