Queens, executive function coach

Queens, Executive Function Coach

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Queens, Executive Function Coach

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We are a versatile, approachable, committed group of academic tutors, learning specialists, executive function tutors, and coaches. Themba Tutors offers comprehensive and personalized in-person and online tutoring and coaching services. We offer in-person learning services at your home for learners of all ages and abilities. We also provide virtual services if you do not need a Themba professional to visit your home.

As one of Themba Tutors’ cornerstones, our team of professionals is experts in providing academic guidance, building relationships, and providing comprehensive support services. Matching you with the right professional is the first step in successful tutoring.

Finding the right tutor and coach can make or break your child’s learning experience. That is the difference we aspire to make in our students’ lives. We’ll get you started on the Themba path together. Our committed staff will guide your family in the right direction. It’s a reliable path.

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Students of all ages receive one-on-one guidance in all instructional materials, exam preparation, and executive function therapy. At Themba Tutors, we take the time to help students and clients appreciate their strengths and succeed in areas where they need to improve. We offer personalized tools for each of our clients to help them become more aware of their individual needs as they work toward short-term goals. These skills will assist our students/clients in achieving their long-term goals.

Queens, executive function coach

Executive functioning issues can arise as soon as students begin attending school. Parents and teachers may notice the following difficulties in students in elementary, middle, and high school:

  • Having difficulty controlling behavior or emotions
  • Lack of not only focus but also drive and persistence to begin or complete a task
  • Having difficulty working on projects with his or her classmates, participating in group exercises, and having a poor relationship with teachers
  • He or she has trouble organizing his school materials and study area, following multistep directions, or managing long-term projects.
  • For a student with executive functioning issues, cramming sessions and last-minute task initiation and completion are common.

Planning, monitoring, execution, and working memory are all important skills for maintaining attention, cognitive flexibility, impulse inhibition, and goal-directed persistence. Executive functioning is important in reading, essay structure, math problem solving, homework completion, test performance, and becoming active learners in the classroom. Our Queens executive function coach works with children ages 6-18 and adults.

Our Executive Functioning Coaches work with children and adults with difficulty with executive functioning skills. They boost students’ and professionals’ confidence and help them become more effective learners and workers. Students learn to organize, plan, prioritize, focus, avoid distractions, and keep materials and tasks organized. All of these goals include improving memory and information retention, focusing on and completing tasks, reducing procrastination, organizing school assignments, managing time more effectively, and the ability to think carefully before acting.


Queens, Executive Function Coach

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Shonna received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University with specialization in neuropsychology. Currently, she is completing her post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Lenox Hill Hospital. She has extensive training in evaluating and providing individually tailored recommendations for individuals with ADHD and learning disabilities (reading, writing, and non-verbal learning disorders). She also has experience treating anxiety and depression and can help manage psychiatric presentations surrounding learning difficulties (such as test anxiety). She has experience working with children ages 6-18 and adults.

Shonna’s approach involves seeing each individual as a whole, taking into account an individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses in order to provide the best support. This is used to formulate strategies for reading and writing support, and executive functioning support. Within executive functioning, commonly targeted areas include time management, motivation, organizational strategies, and task completion. She is passionate about helping individuals feel confident in their abilities in order to succeed.

Through her doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, Marisa currently works therapeutically with teens and adults ages 17-50 on issues ranging from test anxiety and college preparation to executive functioning tasks such as decision-making, time management, and problem-solving skills with the goal of enhancing self-efficacy and confidence in meeting everyday demands. She applies an empathic and person-centered style to her clients and collaborates with families to ensure a holistic approach to each set of unique challenges they may face.

In her free time, Marisa enjoys taking her dogs for walks, and spending time with family, friends, and in nature, which she finds especially healing. She can often be seen having a lacrosse catch whenever possible or playing soccer with neighbors and friends.

**Guarantee: It’s critical that whoever receives our tutoring services connects with the specialist, the specialist has expertise in the area of need, and is available to travel to you. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we are 100% committed to finding you the right professional.

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