Themba Tutors provides tutoring services via the internet from the convenience of your child’s computer.


What equipment do I need for online tutoring services?

You’ll require a computer with a high-speed internet connection, and, if not built into your computer, a webcam and headset.

Who benefits from online tutoring services?

Online tutoring is most appropriate for school-age children and adults who demonstrate the ability to focus for the duration of the session and do not require “hands-on” help. The client will also have to demonstrate progress to support continuation of online tutoring services. We screen all clients before tutoring, ensuring that the client is the appropriate candidate for online tutoring services.

What services does Themba Tutors offer online?

We offer one-on-one skills-based learning support and tutoring for all core school subjects for students in pre-K through college. We also offer help for state tests in language arts, math, social studies, and science for grades 3 through high school. We also offer preparation for the SHSAT for admission into specialized public high schools, the ISEE/SSAT for admission into private boarding and day schools, academic tests in all subject areas, Regents, the PSAT, the SAT, the PLAN, the ACT, and the GRE. We also provide assistance with college essays.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Sessions are arranged at a convenient time during the day, evening, or weekend. Sessions are scheduled in advance (we need at least 24-48 hours’ notice). The client simply logs onto SKYPE, FaceTime, Google+ Hangout, or iChat at the predetermined time. The sessions are 60 minutes long.

What are the benefits of using online tutoring services?

The benefits are access to high-quality tutoring services from high-caliber New York City learning specialists from the convenience of your computer.

What are the technical requirements for online tutoring?

You will need the following:

  • Computer processor of 1 GHz minimum, 2 GHz preferred. Broadband internet with minimum of 256 kbps upload (DSL or cable); 512 kbps preferred.
  • Webcam (if not built into your computer).
  • Good-quality speakers (if not build into your computer).
  • Good-quality microphone or an auxiliary microphone (if not built into your computer).
  • Appropriate software, e.g. SKYPE, FaceTime, Google+ Hangout, or iChat installed onto your computer.
  • Optional: a headset with microphone and speaker.

Additional requirements:

Binder with paper, writing utensil, possibly a hole-puncher and a folder

How do I arrange for online tutoring?

Please call (917) 382-8641 and leave a message, or email us at We will offer you a free 20-minute trial tutoring session to determine if you are a candidate for ongoing online tutoring. If you are a candidate, following the free trial session, you can schedule appointments.

Rates and Payment

Payment by PayPal is required in advance of each tutoring session.


Tutoring in all core subjects
$175 - $200
test preparation.

We ensure that the standards used in online tutoring are consistent with those used in face-to-face sessions.

The counselor can help develop an appropriate college list based upon the fit between student and college. Additionaly, they offer the following

  • Insights into the many colleges and universities that are committed to working with students who have learning disabilities.
  • Assistance in developing a list of reach, safety, and target schools; identify appropriate programs; determine which schools are likely to offer the best fit for the student—their interests as well as their challenges--and more!
  • Insight into the many colleges/universities that offer accommodations for learning disabilities.
  • Assistance in developing a list of reach, safety, and target schools
  • Assessments of the specific programs to help determine which are likely to offer the best fit for the student—thei rinterests as well as their challenges.
  • Guidance in determining the kinds of life-skill supports that will be most helpful to students, if needed, and assessment of the support available in dormitory settings.


Adrienne has over 10 years of experience providing academic and social skill instruction to students with learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, and other autistic spectrum disorders. She has an M.A. in Counseling from NYU, a B.A. in Psychology from Lafayette College, and has completed the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions.

Adrienne was previously the guidance counselor at Loyola School and at the Aaron School, a special education school in New York City. She currently works as the guidance counselor at Fordham Preparatory School with students in grades 9-12. Adrienne co-founded Teenz in the City, a program for teenagers ages 12 to 18, designed to help refine social skills and foster independence.

Adrienne recently wrote pieces for the National Center for Learning Disabilities, and Friends of Quinn.

Adult Coaching For ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning

Even bright, successful adults can need help. Our professional tutors work with college students and professionals in business, law, medicine, the arts, and other fields, including those diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences, including the following areas:

  • Writing, reading, study skills, and proofreading.
  • Organization and planning.
  • Paper management.
  • Math support.

Our tutors help college students and professionals perform better in their work environments, putting their strengths to best use, and learning to work around their challenges for maximum effectiveness. We specialize in ADHD and executive functioning coaching.