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Knowing If Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

How Do You Know If Your Child Needs A Math Tutor?

how do you know if your child needs a math tutor themba tutors

Mathematics is not only a school subject. It is essential for progress in daily life. Take handling financial records as an example. Apart from that, many children end up choosing mathematics as their primary academic interest or profession later in life.

But while choosing a career in the field of mathematics is not for everyone, it’s important for all students to develop the foundational abilities and skills that serve as the building blocks of their math studies. Being able to divide, multiply, add, subtract and do basic operations is important to understanding financial transactions later in life.

Why Mathematics is Important

Having good mathematical skills opens the door to many career options. According to, the many job options include data analyst, data scientist, astronomer, chartered accountant, and many more. Clearly, knowledge of dealing with numbers can help in many tech-savvy careers.

However, keep in mind that it is unnecessary to study math in-depth to lead a successful life. Your child is not less talented or intelligent than anybody good at math. Let’s explore some signs that may be visible if your child is struggling with math.

Signs That Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

The behavior of the child toward math

Learning disabilities in math can be common. The characteristics mentioned below are only signs of a child struggling at math and not any other subject.

  • Forgetting a number series or failing to recall which number comes next—for example, forgetting the multiplication table or being slow at recalling it.
  • Quickly providing the answer to a mathematical problem without going through the process.
  • Your child may say, “I’m not good at math.” If this is true, they will avoid everything that consists of calculations.
  • Trying to skip the math period at school or feeling sick whenever a math test or assignment is around the corner.

Remember,  the subject has many sub-topics and fields. So it is likely that your child may find one type of mathematical subject better than the other. For example, your child might find geometry easier to understand compared to algebra.

Moreover, a child struggling with math does not mean poor academic performance in other subjects. Yet the warning signs are similar for learning difficulties in any subject. Below are some symptoms your child might show when facing difficulties with mathematics or any subject.

Warning Signs for Parents

needs a math tutor

1. Poor time management and organizing skills

Your child might put off their homework for later. Unfortunately, they will likely attempt the assignments late at night, only to feel frustrated.

2. Having trouble doing homework

In addition to delaying homework, your child may feel burdened by it. Notice how their expression changes whenever you ask them to complete school assignments or study for a test.

3. Drop in confidence

A drop in academic performance also leads to a lack of confidence. Your child may demonstrate feelings of low self-worth. For example, they could feel like they cannot perform well – even in subjects where they have maintained a record of good grades.

4. Poor progress in school

Keep an eye on your child’s grades to actively track their progress over the last few months. For example, a significant drop in grades for mathematics is a clear sign that your child is struggling at school.

5. Illnesses out of anxiety

Your child might experience physical symptoms of anxiety and stress building up. Frequent headaches and lack of energy can sometimes be due to poor mental health, stress, or anxiety over academics.

What is the Solution for a Child Struggling with Math?

According to studies, hiring a math tutor can help solve all the above problems.

Though it is also possible that only tutoring might not be enough for your child. In some cases, a neuropsychological evaluation might be more helpful. Read this post on how to teach a child with math learning disabilities with more information.

We recommend only the best at Themba Tutors. We cater to all types of students regardless of how severe their learning disabilities are.


Mathematics is the building block of life. Whether or not your child wishes to pursue it academically or professionally, they should understand the basics at the elementary and middle school level.


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