Manhattan & Brooklyn New York City Tutoring For Students With Dyscalculia


Themba Tutors works with students of all ages with language-based learning disorders. Our learning specialists provide these students with the tools they need to become more efficient learners. Our tutoring is strategy based and helps students with language-based learning disorders become more organized, better at test taking, and more skilled at using techniques to improve their math & reading skills, oral communication, and study skills.

“The goals of speech and language treatment for the child with a reading problem target the specific aspects of reading and writing that the student is missing. For example, if the student is able to read words but is unable to understand the details of what has been read, comprehension is addressed. If a younger student has difficulty distinguishing the different sounds that make up words, treatment will focus on activities that support growth in this skill area (rhyming, tapping out syllables, etc.).” Read more at “http://www.asha.org/public/speech/disorders/lbld.htm.

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