Low Cost NYC Area Neuropsychology Evaluations

Low Cost NYC Area Neuropsychology Evaluation Site List

Low Cost NYC Area Neuropsychology Evaluation Site List

Low Cost NYC Area Neuropsychology Evaluations

Here is a list of Low Cost NYC Area Neuropsychology Evaluation Sites

Envisage Neuropsychology – Dr. Dominick Auciello

ADDRESS: 200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1118A
WEBSITE: EnvisageNYC.com
PHONE: 646-430-8999
CONTACT: Theresa Manginelli for scheduling – 914-751-8991; [email protected]
COST: $2,700
INSURANCE: Not accepted
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish
APPOINTMENT: For scheduling or information about testing or other services, or for other related matters, please contact the scheduling assistant Theresa at [email protected] or 914-751-8991.

SUNY College of Optometry

ADDRESS: 33 West 42nd Street, NY, NY 10003
WEBSITE: https://www.universityeyecenter.org/services/children/#learning-disabilities
PHONE: 212/938-4001 x4062
CONTACT: Irma – Extension
COST: $3625 Students may qualify for a 25-75% reduction
Proof of income necessary
INSURANCE: Medicaid can cover everything except $420 “reporting conference”
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
APPOINTMENT: Waitlist Varies

Dynamic Learning Services

PHONE: 862-216-5010
WEBSITE: www.dynamiclearningservices.com
CONTACT: Michael Appelgren, PsyD
EMAIL ADRESS: [email protected]
INSURANCE: Not accepted
COST: $3600 (NY only)
APPOINTMENT: up to one week; weekend hours available
DETAILS: Evaluations for ages 5 to 18+ for special education, school accommodations/504, and standardized testing (e.g., SAT, GRE, Bar Exam). Testing completed in-person (Upper West Side/Westchester County) and virtually.

Cognitive Behavioral Psychology of NY

ADDRESS: 27 West 86th Street, #1B, NY, NY 10024 / 455 Central Park Ave, #221, Scarsdale NY 10583
WEBSITE: http://www.cbpny.com/
PHONE: 212-873-0163
COST: Their postdocs charge $3500 for a neuropsychology evaluation
INSURANCE: They do not accept or participate in any insurance programs at this time. However, they do provide receipts that can be submitted to your insurance plan if you have out-of-network benefits.
DETAILS: After a brief phone conversation with one of their doctors to ensure that CBPNY is the best match for your therapy needs, a 1-hour consultation will be schedule with one of their psychologists. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with the psychologist, review information about yourself and your current difficulties, and discuss treatment options. Treatment recommendations are made and a therapy schedule is then set up.

Netta Admoni

ADDRESS: Newburgh, NY
WEBSITE: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/netta-admoni-newburgh-ny/840858
PHONE: (845) 391-0160
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: Typically $3,500 but she can provide a sliding scale for folks (she can go down to $1,500)
INSURANCE: Aetna, Out of Network
DETAILS: She works with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD, and trauma. For clients dealing with trauma, she utilizes trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy to help them process and reduce PTSD symptoms. She also provides neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations to children (age 8+), adolescents, and adults in order to assess for and diagnose intellectual disability, learning disorders, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These evaluations can be used to access services (i.e., school accommodations). She is providing the assessments in person in her office in Newburgh, but can do portions of the assessment and clinical interview remotely.

Behr Psychology

ADDRESS: Upper West Side, Manhattan New York, New York
WEBSITE: www.behrpsychology.com
PHONE: 646-930-0457
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: Starting at $3000
INSURANCE: They are out-of-network with all insurance panels but they will work to get you significant reimbursement for the cost of your sessions. They submit claims on behalf of our patients so that you don’t have to deal with your insurance company.
AGE: At this time, they work with clients ages 11 years older and up.
APPOINTMENT: Individual therapy appointments are typically 45 minutes. Couples therapy appointments are typically 60 minutes.
DETAILS: They offer individual and couples therapy for people seeking help for depression, anxiety, and relationship problems, and many other needs. Their clinicians are skilled in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical behavioral (DBT), and Mindfulness-based practices.

Madison Park Psychological Services

ADDRESS: 51 E 25th St, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10010
WEBSITE: https://madisonparkpsych.com/
PHONE: 212-506-5935
CONTACT: Shana Grover, Ph.D.
COST: $3,000
INSURANCE: Not accepted
APPOINTMENT: up to one week
EVALUATION REPORT: 2 weeks – 1 month
DETAILS: Some portions of evaluations are done in person as of July using masks, gloves and temperature checks.

The Center for Neuropsychological Services (CNS) at Northwell Health

ADDRESS: ADDRESS: 200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1118A
WEBSITE: https://www.northwell.edu/behavioral-health/programs-services/center-for-neuropsychological-services
PHONE: 888-321-3629
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: out-of-pocket evals around $2,500
INSURANCE: Insurance is accepted and pre-authorization of the procedure is requested prior to the evaluation. In the event that insurance will not authorize coverage for the evaluation, self-pay is accepted and sliding scale options are available for those in need.

Hagin School Consultation Center at GSE

ADRESS: 113 W 60th Street 10th Floor; Room 1016E
WEBSITE: https://www.fordham.edu/graduate-school-of-education/centers-and-institutes/hagin-school-consultation-center/#:~:text=The%20Center%20is%20associated%20with,Psychology%20and%20Counseling%20Psychology%20programs.
PHONE: 212-636-6483
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: The fee for services is $2200, due in installments throughout the evaluation process. Starting at $165/$175 for a Masters Level Learning Specialist, starting at $200 for Ph.D. Level Learning Specialist per hour for in-home and at-school services.
INSURANCE: Although they don’t take insurance directly, they are able to provide an invoice for clients to submit to insurance for reimbursement.
DETAILS:  They offer comprehensive psychoeducational and neuropsychological exams. Due to the pandemic, they are currently operating under a hybrid model, with intake and feedback sessions occurring via telehealth and assessments occurring in the center.

Albert Ellis Institute

ADDRESS: 145 East 32nd Street, 9th Floor, (Btw 3rd and Lex), NY, NY 10016
WEBSITE: https://albertellis.org/
PHONE: 212/535-0822
CONTACT: Dr. Michael Hickey
COST: CUNY Student Rate – $2,000
INSURANCE: Not accepting
APPOINTMENT: Brief 1-2 week wait period during Fall and Spring semesters.
DETAILS: Evaluations are performed in person. COVID Protocols in place.

William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology

ADDRESS: 20 West 74th Street, New York, NY 10023
WEBSITE: https://www.wawhite.org/
PHONE: 212-873-0725
CONTACT:  Daniel Gensler
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: $1,800
DETAILS: They offer psychoeducational evaluations for
children ages 6 to 19, including tests of intelligence, academic functioning,
neuropsychological functioning, and personality.


ADDRESS: Center for Counseling and Community Wellbeing
Kimball Hall, 5th Floor
246 Greene St.New York, NY 10003
WEBSITE: https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/center-counseling-and-community-wellbeing/about-us/services
PHONE: 212-998-5573
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: $1,500
DETAILS: The CCCW charges clients on a sliding scale, based on need. *Please note: the intake fee is generally not available for a reduced fee, except in special circumstances. Please discuss with the center director before the intake process begins to be considered for an exception.

Adelphi University Doctoral Program (Derner School of Psycholocy Psych Services)

LOCATIONS: One South Avenue | P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701 and 75 Varick St STE 200, New York, NY 10013
WEBSITE: https://www.adelphi.edu/
CONTACT: Dr Jonathan Jackson, Director Psychological Services
PHONE: 516-877-4823
INSURANCE: not accepted
COST: $1500-50 with sliding scale.
LEAVE VOICEMAIL: 516-877-4823
EVAL REPORT: 8 weeks approximately

The Child & Family Institute

INTAKE PHONE: 914-361-5283
WEBSITE: https://www.childfamilyinstitute.com/
CONTACT: Adam S. Weissman, Ph.D.
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: They offer low fee testing. They’ve done as low as $1,400 for lower-income families (very high-quality reports); and their hope is to be able to provide pro bono testing through their non-profit, WCF, in the future.
DETAILS: If you have any consultation/training needs or questions, would like additional information about our clinical programs in Westchester, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to email or call them.

Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services

ADDRESS 1: 180 East 79th Street, Suite 1C, NY, NY 10075
ADDRESS 2: 84-60 123rd Street, Kew Gardens, Queens, NY 11415
WEBSITE: http://comprehendthemind.com/
PHONE: 718/441/0166 / 646/678-5977
CONTACT: Dr. Hafeez
COST: CUNY Student Rate – $950/ CUNY ID required – verify when making appointment
INSURANCE: In Network Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Oxford, United Healthcare, Magnacare, Straight GHI and EBC
LANGUAGE: English, Haitian Creole, Hindi/Urdu
APPOINTMENT: 2- 3 weeks
DETAILS: Open and following full COVID protocols; daily patient and
employee checks, operating at 50-65% capacity, and preforming
some elements of assessments via phone

Long Island University CW Post Campus Long Island

ADDRESS: 720 Northern Blvd, Lodge A, Brookville, NY 11548
PHONE: 516/299-3211
CONTACT: Dr. Pando
COST: $650 Maximum (sliding scale based on income). $100 upfront payment required.
INSURANCE: Not accepted
APPOINTMENT: Leave voicemail name and details. Will follow up to schedule. Up to 2 month wait for an appointment. Currently filling evaluations slots for the Spring and Summer.
DETAILS: Fully remote services available on a sliding scale

Parnes Clinic at Yeshiva

ADDRESS: 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033
WEBSITE: https://www.yu.edu/ferkauf/parnes-clinic
CONTACT: Dr. Kenneth Critchfield
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: 718-430-3852
INSURANCE: They do not accept health insurance, fees are established on a sliding-scale basis, and they will never turn away a patient due to financial circumstances.
PRICE: $5–$40 for psychotherapy sessions, $250 or less for child psychoeducational assessments, $350 or less for child neuropsychological assessment.
DETAILS: When you call the Parnes Clinic to schedule an intake appointment, they will need to know your name, age, birth date and gender. For children aged 2–17, a parent or legal guardian must call to schedule the appointment.

You will not be asked to go into great detail about yourself over the phone. Based on the information you provide, the clinic staff will determine whether the Parnes Clinic is the best resource to address your needs. If it appears that they are a good fit for you, you will be asked to come to the clinic for an intake appointment during which they can get a more thorough understanding of your difficulties or needs.

Teachers College, Columbia University Dean Hope Center for Educational & Psychological Services

ADDRESS: 525 West 120th Street NY, NY 10027
PHONE: 212/678-3262 (Fax 212/678-8105)
COST: $200 – $1,000 Sliding scale (based on fee adjustment form) & student rates apply. Proof of income required.
INSURANCE: Private insurance not accepted. Can provide support processing preapprovals through Medicaid insurance.

Greene Clinic

ADDRESS: 89 Fort Greene Place, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11217 /
574 Atlantic Ave, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11217
WEBSITE: https://www.greeneclinic.com/
PHONE: 646-470-1853
CONTACT: Dr. Loren Dent or Dr. Jenny Marion.
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]; [email protected]
COST: They offer a broad sliding scale from $50-$250/hour, which means that the total cost of assessment can be anywhere between $500 and $5500, depending on the patient’s income level and the complexity of the referral question
DETAILS: They offer comprehensive assessment for children and adults ages 6+ for issues including ADHD, autism, learning disorders, giftedness, trauma, and mood/personality disorders. ent recommendations are made and a therapy schedule is then set up. Their staff is small so they generally only have capacity for ~5 low-fee assessments per year, but they’re hoping to expand that in the future. For more information, please see Adult Testing FAQ and Child Testing FAQ sheets.

St. John’s University

ADDRESS: 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY 11439
WEBSITE: https://www.stjohns.edu/resources/places/center-psychological-services
PHONE: 718-990-2000
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
COST: In keeping with their mission of providing services to members of the community at low to moderate cost, their fees are arranged on a sliding scale basis. The sliding fee is based on client or family income.
INSURANCE: Does not accept insurance
DETAILS: Payment for each therapy session is due at the time of check-in for that appointment. If you are pursuing an assessment, half of the testing fee is due at the time of the first appointment, 25 percent of the remaining balance at the second appointment, and the final 25 percent at the time of the third appointment. The entire service fee must be paid before the feedback conference.

Child Mind Institute

PHONE: 212-308-3118
WEBSITE: https://childmind.org/care/areas-of-expertise/learning-and-development-center/neuropsychological-and-educational-evaluation/
CONTACT: Matthew Cruger, PhD
DETAILS: The Child Mind Institute provides evaluations for students ages 5 to 25. Spending roughly 10 hours with each child and their family, our neuropsychologists use up-to-date, standard measures to develop a detailed profile of learning strengths and weaknesses.

Healthy Brain Network

(part of Child Mind Institute)

WEBSITE: https://childmind.org/
PHONE: 212.308.3118
DETAILS: They also have free evaluations through Healthy Brain Network with sites in Harlem and Staten Island:
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

Growing Minds Psychology

ADRESS: 414 East 75th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10021
PHONE: 862-216-5010
WEBSITE: https://www.growingmindsnyc.com/
INSURANCE: While Growing Minds Psychology is not a participating provider in any insurance company plans, they will provide you the documentation to submit to your insurance company for potential out-of-network reimbursement should your child meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health diagnosis.
DETAILS: Growing Minds has doctoral externs who can do evaluations for a reduced cost under the supervision of Dr. Pagirsky. They also take a limited number (e.g., about 2 monthly) of AA vouchers at the DOE enhanced rate and IHO orders for market-rate evaluations from the DOE.

Emily Bravo, Psy.D.

Pediatric Neuropsychologist

ADDRESS: 26 Court Street Suite 1409, Brooklyn, NY 11242
PHONE: (347) 269-4296
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WEBSITE: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/emily-bravo-brooklyn-ny/204787#
AGE: Adults, Teen, Preteen, Children (6 to 10), Toddler
SPECIALTIES: neuropsychological, psychological, and psychoeducational evaluations that include the assessment of ADHD, learning disorders, speech and language disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, and mood disorders, among others. In addition to neuropsychological training, Emily has experience in educational consultation, psychodynamic therapy, and family systems therapy.

Manhattan Psychology Group

ADDRESS: 107 West 82nd St, P101, New York, NY 10024
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
TEL: 646-389-4112 | FAX: 212-500-0007
WEBSITE: https://manhattanpsychologygroup.com/
PRICE: Manhattan Psychology Group (MPG): testing and psychotherapy available at low fees, conducted by supervised interns/externs. A sliding scale is also available based on income.
INSURANCE: Though MPG does not accept insurance, they can provide a receipt for parents to submit to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.
NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING PROCESS: Interviewing the parents to get a full history, Talking with collateral providers and school staff, Observing the child in their natural environment (school, after-school, etc…), Reviewing medical records and prior testing reports, Selecting and administering the tests, Scoring and interpreting the results, Feedback with parents/teachers including results and recommendations, and Writing the final report.

Daniela Montalto, PhD

Clinical Director, Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement

ADDRESS: 1 Park Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10016
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: 646-754-5054
WEBSITE: https://nyulangone.org/doctors/1982850079/daniela-montalto
PRICE: $2,500 for a full evaluation done by a post-doctoral fellow.
SPECIALTIES: Child & Adolescent Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Pediatric Neuropsychology
AGE: Children
INSURANCE: Accepts Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare

Ami Norris-Brilliant, PsyD

NYS Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist

ADDRESS: One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1230, New York, NY 10029
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: 212-659-8752
WEBSITE: https://profiles.mountsinai.org/ami-norris-brilliant
PRICE: In order to get the lower rate ($2,500), the evaluation needs to be done by a supervised student, so be sure this is the case.
INSURANCE: Accepted insurance may vary by the doctor’s office location. Please contact the office directly to obtain the most up-to-date insurance information.
DETAILS: Dr. Ami has worked with adults, families, children, hospitals, and educators in order to facilitate better understanding of patients cognitive strengths and weakness and their effects on academic achievement/ workplace functioning. She has extensive experience assessing both children and adults. Dr. Norris-Brilliant also works closely with the department of Medical Genetics. Dr. Norris-Brilliant was proud to be a policy advisor on disabilities to the Joseph R. Biden Campaign for President in 2020.

Dr. Norris-Brilliant has also taught both psychology and educational psychology as an adjunct professor. She is a published author with publications devoted to neuropsychological assessment and ADHD.

Promise Project

ADDRESS: 121 Avenue of Americas, 6 floor, New York, NY 10013
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: 212.590.9404
WEBSITE: https://www.promise-project.org/promise2/
DETAILS: Students come for three or four individual assessment sessions. The total assessment time is between 8 and 10 hours. The length of these sessions varies depending on how much energy students have and how long they can focus. They do not schedule these meetings during afterschool hours because students are usually too tired.

Mt Sinai Adolescent Health Center

ADDRESS: 312-320 East 94th St New York, NY 10128
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: (212) 423-3000
WEBSITE: https://www.teenhealthcare.org/service/psychological-testing/
AGE: ages 10-26 with a range of mental health issues, regardless of their ability to pay
PRICE: All their services are available without charge and are completely confidential.
DETAILS: Their testing batteries are designed to assess the many different cognitive abilities and emotional structure of their patients including intelligence, academic achievement, memory, executive functioning, discrete neurological functions and social-emotional wellbeing. With each patient, they custom tailor our assessment batteries to fit their presenting needs. By gathering information on a patient’s performance across a wide variety of tasks they are able to construct a profile of the patient’s strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, design services and accommodations that are most beneficial for them. Testing plays a key role in the identification of learning disorders, developmental disabilities, ADHD, autism, and mental health disorders.

The Dean Hope Center for‌ Educational and Psychological Services

ADDRESS: 528 Building 6th Floor, 525 West 120th Street, New York, NY10027
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: (212) 678- 3262
WEBSITE: https://www.tc.columbia.edu/deanhope/
PRICE: Adult Neuro-Psychological Evaluation- $1,000
DETAILS: Diagnostic test evaluation addressing learning disabilities associated with impairments in the brain, brain injury, cognitive and memory declines associated with possible neurological illness, or other medical conditions.

Pace University, the McShane Center for Psychological Services

ADDRESS: 52 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10004
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: (212) 346-1730
WEBSITE: https://www.pace.edu/dyson/faculty-and-research/research-centers-and-initiatives/mcshane-center
PRICE: Fees are set using a sliding scale based on income
with a minimum fee of $800 per evaluation.
INSURANCE: While they are not able to accept insurance for psychotherapeutic services, both intake fees and psychotherapy fees are established on a sliding-scale basis.
DETAILS: The assessor will meet with you for one consultation session to gather information about your current concerns and history and to answer any questions you may have. This consultation appointment is typically followed by 2-4 testing sessions of 2-3 hours each, where the assessor will give you different types of tests that are specifically selected to answer the question that brought you into assessment. After the testing is complete, the assessor will prepare a full report with all of the results, and meet with you to discuss the findings and address any questions you may have. If you are completing an assessment to determine whether you might be eligible for accommodations through a specific organization (e.g. the College Board), you must notify your assessor of those needs at the intake and bring along information about any specific tests that organization requires.

The Psychological Center at City College

ADDRESS: 160 Convent Ave, 8th Floor of the North Academic Center, Room 101, New York, NY 10031
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected], [email protected]
PHONE: 212-650-6602
WEBSITE: https://www.thepsychologicalcenter.org/
DETAILS: Individuals and/or caregivers of minors interested in receiving psychological or neuropsychological testing must attend in-person the testing screening appointment.
PRICE: The Psychological Center provides Psychological Testing and Neuropsychological Assessments. The fee for a complete testing/assessment and written report can range from $300 to $4000. Individuals may apply for a reduced fee by providing the following documentation: (i) annual household income (W2 tax form and current pay stub), (ii) amount spent on housing (copy of rent, lease or or mortgage payment) (iii) number of dependents that the patient is responsible as evidenced in tax returns. Thirty percent of the set fee is required at the first assessment appointment. The entire fee must be paid before the assessment report will be shared. Payment plans are an option.
INSURANCE: They do not accept insurance.

Center for Attention and Learning Disorders

ADDRESS: 210 East 64th Street, New York, NY 10065
PHONE: (212) 702-7381
WEBSITE: https://meeth.northwell.edu/center-for-learning-and-attention
DETAILS: They offer detailed neuropsychological evaluations, including bilingual (Spanish) ones conducted by pediatric neuropsychologists to identify specific learning disabilities and/or attention disorders.

Dr. Katie Davis

ADDRESS: 74 E 79th St. Suite 1C, New York, NY 10075
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: 917.300.9146
WEBSITE: https://drkatiedavis.com/
AGE: elementary-aged children through adults
PRICE: Price is based on the extensiveness of the testing, but it ranges from $1500 for an academic update to $3000 for a full battery. It can sometimes go lower based on the limited ability to pay.
INSURANCE: They do not accept insurance
APPOINTMENT: Appointments are scheduled on weekdays 9:30-2 pm.
DETAILS: Dr. Katie does the intake and clinical interview. She has a team of advanced Ph.D. students who conduct and score the testing; the students and Dr. Katie work together to interpret and write up the results. She does the feedback and any follow-up care indicated (teacher consultation, IEP meetings, etc.). Report turnaround is generally one month from the completion of testing.

St. Nicholas Child Health Center

ADDRESS: 281 W 127th St, New York, NY 10027
WEBSITE: https://benefitsexplorer.com/free-clinics/new-york/new-york/33979/nyc-health-st.-nicholas-child-health-center
CONTACT: Dr. Victoria Pinderhughes
PHONE: 212-865-1300
INSURANCE: If you have no insurance you can be covered. The center is also income based for those making an income.
APPOINTMENT: You can privately and easily book your appointment online. For the full set of services, you can call 212-865-1300 to book your appointment. Staff can also answer any questions you may have.
DETAILS: This clinic operates under a Sliding scale. No one turned away due to inability to pay model. This means that it MAY NOT be free depending on your income. You will be required to prove financial need in order to receive free services or services at a reduced cost.

Queens College Psychological Center

ADDRESS: 65-30 Kissena Blvd Flushing NY 11367
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
PHONE: (718) 997-5000
WEBSITE: https://www.qc.cuny.edu/academics/psychology/qcpc_appointments/
INSURANCE: QCPC does not accept third party insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.
APPOINTMENT: Generally open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. They do not offer walk-in or emergency care.
DETAILS: Services are provided by doctoral candidates in our PhD Program in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Neuropsychology who are closely supervised by experienced and licensed faculty.

After a brief phone screening, if it seems that the clinic can provide the services that the client is requesting, they will be scheduled to come to the clinic to participate in an initial screening interview. One or more sessions will be scheduled to complete a comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation. Based on this assessment, recommendations and treatment options will be discussed with the client.

The Brain Clinic

ADDRESS: 19 W 34th Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10001
Dr. James Lawrence Thomas, Ph.D.
[email protected]
They do not accept insurance.
Appointments are scheduled during the week and Saturdays.
Evaluations cost between $3500-4500 for a full neuropsychological battery.
Specializing in the learning disability population, they have over 40 years of experience and a 95% success rate in helping students obtain extended time on exams and high-stakes tests. They also provide in-depth treatment options.

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Meet Craig Selinger, the passionate owner behind Themba Tutors, a renowned practice specializing in executive function coaching and tutoring. Together with his team of multidisciplinary professionals, they bring their extensive knowledge to numerous locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as offering remote services. As a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of NY, executive functioning coach, and educational specialist with an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Craig has professionally assisted thousands of families. Craig's proficiency encompasses a wide spectrum of areas, including language-related learning challenges such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. He is also well-versed in executive functioning, ADHD/ADD, and various learning disabilities. What truly distinguishes Craig and his team is their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive support. By actively collaborating with the most esteemed professionals within the NYC metropolitan region – from neuropsychologists to mental health therapists and allied health experts – they create a network of expertise.
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