Basic Life Skills to Learn for College Readiness

7 Basic Life Skills to Learn for College Readiness


Preparing your child for college is very important since it can help eliminate most anxiety and related things. 

Around 61% of Americans have a college diploma; for many, it’s just the starting point toward a master’s degree or specialization. However, your child needs to learn the right skills and prepare for college. Which brings the question, how can you focus on college readiness? 

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Here are some of the things to take into consideration here. Remember that around 65% of jobs require a college education, so preparing for college and passing it is very important.

Critical Thinking

There’s no denying that critical thinking is one of those things that will help you get past college with flying colors. Critical thinking will help a student assess everything and make the right decisions. 

It will also eliminate any second thoughts, something that does appear from time to time in the case of a student. Critical thinking makes it much easier to engage with texts, form experiences, and make the right choices.

life skills to learn for college readiness themba tutors

At the same time, many employers consider people’s critical thinking a major skill, which is why it’s an excellent idea to focus on critical thinking early on. It will eliminate a lot of misconceptions and challenges, allowing a student to evaluate and then make the right decisions. 

It’s a very important aspect to keep in mind, and in the end, it will offer you a much better experience, which is precisely why you have to consider it. 


It’s very simple for a student to lack motivation these days. There are lots of challenges that appear, and they also find others that have more knowledge, experience, etc. 

These can be demotivators, which is why high self-motivation is extremely important. It comes with its fair share of challenges, but the fact that you get to motivate and learn from others can pay off. 

You always want to push the limits and ensure a great result. You can achieve that by being disciplined, focusing on yourself, and learning to deal with deadlines as needed. 

Self-motivation helps you:

  • Create new ideas
  • Set new goals
  • Focus on your dreams
  • Stay focused 

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Simple stuff like this offers great results, and the experience will be impressive. Having a notion of self-management never hurts since it keeps you organized. Add to that some motivation, and the results can be excellent.


The truth is that you will always find some challenges that appear for any student, especially one that prepares for college. You want to be perseverant and always work hard to achieve what you have in mind. Even if there are obstacles that come your way, staying perseverant will always help, and it will convey the best possible results.

Plus, perseverance allows you to recover from failure, work hard, implement lessons from mistakes, and achieve success. You always want to push the limits as much as possible, which is undoubtedly the thing to keep in mind. 

Once you are perseverant, you always tend to see challenges as something new to learn from, and it will make things a whole lot better. There are always issues that college students need to face. 

Yet if they know how to manage everything properly, results can be nothing short of impressive. And that’s why perseverance is a significant factor to think about here.


Sometimes it’s all about the team effort, and talking or connecting with others can make a difference. That’s why you want to know how to collaborate, especially when preparing for college. 

Collaborating can help convey excellent results and make it easier to achieve the outcome. It will be tricky to learn how to collaborate, especially if you are used to working on your own. But in the end, it’s the right thing to do, and that’s the approach you want to pursue.

Goal setting

Setting goals is crucial for any college student. Having a goal and clear plan or course of action can keep you engaged and focused.

Goal setting is important for everyone, but especially for someone focusing on college readiness. It’s easy to do and will help you prepare for college life more than you might imagine.

7 basic Life Skills to Learn for College ReadinessWriting

Writing is a skill that you always want to work on. Making sure you always write and improve can help and provide much better results.

Excellent writing can make a huge difference and will provide you with a way to improve your expertise. The more you learn how to write, the better. Even if you don’t become a writer, there’s no denying that writing skills are excellent for any professional.


Discipline is an essential life skill and a very important one too. You always want to have a sense of organization and discipline, especially during college life. 

It will allow you to stay organized and focused and ensure you never miss anything you want to achieve. Staying disciplined requires a lot of strength and commitment, but it’s certainly a thing you want to focus on.

A Word From Themba Tutors

All these life skills are essential for college readiness and can make a difference. You never really know what issues can arise, so being prepared and having the right skills will pay off big time. 

Yes, apparent challenges can arise, but it’s worth it at the end of the day. Start focusing on these skills, work on them and try to improve, and you will see just how much simple skills like these can help your college life!


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