How to Help Children Socialize

How to Help Children Socialize If They Can’t Join a Pod

It’s one thing to worry about the virus as an adult, but another to do so as a child. Social isolation impacts our children more than we might think. The world is going through many changes that are unpleasant to kids; they aren’t able to see groups of friends or do their favorite activities. How do you help your children socialize and learn when they’re dealing with stress and fear?

Learning pods have been popular among homeschooled children for years, but since the outbreak of COVID-19, more parents are using pods to help their kids socialize. Pods are made up of your child, a few classmates, and a teacher. They can meet online or outside in a location where physical distancing is possible. It allows for a customized learning experience where dedicated attention is paid to each child. Unfortunately, this resource is not available to everyone; you may not have a strong enough internet connection at your home to join a pod classroom, or perhaps your child struggles with remote learning. Educational pods can be expensive, so you may not be able to afford to enroll your child in one. If your child is unable to join a learning pod, here are some tips on how to help children socialize and support them and their emotional health during this time:


Talk to them honestly about their concerns.

Even when the truth is tough to swallow, it won’t help your child to give them misinformation. Your child is probably experiencing anxiety and uncertainty. They will benefit from a conversation about what’s happening in the world. Tell your child that even though it will be some time until they can see their friends, that day will come eventually. If they’re scared, reassure them that the family is doing everything they can to stay safe. Everyone is dealing with a sense of uncertainty right now; let your child know that you’re all in this together. 


Find ways to get outside.

Just because your child is learning at home doesn’t mean they need to stay inside all day. Plan regular walks to keep your child active during isolation. Some activities will be off-limits, like swimming pools or indoor gyms. But there are plenty of ways that your child can be active during the quarantine. Getting outside is beneficial to your child’s mental health; studies show that spending time in nature helps reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.


Plan for the future.

There’s nothing wrong with a little hope, especially when your child is struggling. Reassure them that these times will not last forever, and we will go back to normal eventually. Your child may find it helpful to talk about what you’ll do once the virus is no longer part of their everyday life. Why not plan to take a trip somewhere special or host a party with their closest friends? 


Find ways to nurture social connections.

Without our friendships, our lives feel as though they’re missing something. It’s likely that your child misses their classmates and family members. There are ways to socialize safely during the pandemic, like finding your child a pen pal. Coordinate with a classmate of theirs so that you can set up weekly pen pal mail. Your child can include drawings, crafts, and letters to their friend. (Read more about how to help your children make friends and improve their social skills here!)


Allow your kids to spend some time outdoors while maintaining health and safety measures.


Discover new ways to learn.


Not all children learn best by sitting through lectures. Your child might prefer a more hands-on approach to learning. Interactive games on a tablet can help them acquire new skills. Are they learning about science in school? Try baking something together and explaining to them the different processes that create their favorite treats. Your child may also benefit from meeting with a tutor so that the assignments can be created to meet his or her specific needs and interest level. 

Many children are struggling to adjust to the new regulations that COVID-19 has brought. It’s hard to support your child’s education when the world around them is changing so rapidly. Themba Tutors is offering remote tutoring services to safely deliver education to your child. We believe that learning should be accessible to everyone. This school year, we prepared a wide array of online classes for your children and teens that allow them to stay on top of their academic goals in a fun, engaging, and creative way.

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Our special thanks to Veronica W. for this post. Veronica is a childhood educator and blogging enthusiast. Some of her favorite articles can be found on the Kidthink website. Kidthink specializes in offering clinical treatment of mental illness in children aged twelve and under, along with community outreach and training for this type of treatment.

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