The Role of the Lecturer as Tutor

The Role of the Lecturer as Tutor

How Themba Tutors can help students achieve academic success?


Helping children achieve academic success is a challenge for some families. Themba Tutors provides assistance and offers services for students with learning differences, including academic coaching and tutoring. Themba Tutors provides tutoring in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island), Long Island, and Westchester. We are committed to students’ success and have expertise in areas such as ADHD, executive functioning, academic coaching, homework help, and organization. If you feel that your child needs help f u ing n h w t learn and developing strategies to best achieve his or her goals, then Themba Tutors is a great solution.


How your student will achieve academic success:

1. We will teach skills to help your child succeed in school.

2. Your child will learn techniques to help retain what was taught.

3. Your child will develop study skills in order to maximize the time spent studying.

4. Your child will learn how to best organize him or herself for study success.

5. Your child will learn new and positive patterns for learning with long-lasting effects.

6. Your child will learn how to problem-solve step-by-step and manage negative feelings if
being overwhelmed.


We offer academic instruction to students of all ages and are available for general subjects or specific subjects. We are prepared to unlock and expand students’ full academic potential. We offer students individual one-on-one support in the comfort of their home. Themba Tutors identifies individual difficulties students experience with their academic work. The instruction and assistance given to students is aimed at improving their learning. It also enhances students’ confidence by focusing on the areas which are difficult for them and, therefore, helping them become better students with improved academic performance.

As little a few hours a week, we can help your child identify methods for learning he or she may not have. We offer tools to take back control of academic studies. We are fully prepared to help your son or daughter achieve his or her goals.

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Craig Selinger, CEO of Themba Tutors (serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut), is a NY State licensed speech-language pathologist, executive functioning coach, and learning specialist with over 18 years of experience working professionally with over a thousand families. His expertise includes language-based learning issues, e.g. reading, writing, speaking, and listening, executive functioning, ADHD/ADD, and learning disabilities. Check out his interviews with top-notch professionals in the field on Spotify.
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