The Role Of The Lecturer As Tutor: Doing What Effective Tutors Do In A Large Lecture Class


Achieve Academic Success, Themba Tutors

Helping children achieve academic success is a challenge for some families. Th mb Tut r provides assistance and ff r r ur s f r students with learning differences, including d mi hing nd tutoring. Th mb Tut r provides tut ring in New York City (M nh tt n, Br kl n, Queens, Staten Island), Long Island, and Westchester. We r committed t students’ success and have expertise in areas such as ADHD, x utiv functioning, academic coaching, h m w rk help, t . If you f l th t your hild n ds h l f u ing n h w t learn and d v l ing strategies t best hi v his or her goals, th n Th mb Tutors i a gr t luti n.


How your student will achieve academic success:


1. We will teach skills to help your child succeed d mi ll .

2. Your hild will learn techniques to help r t in wh t was t ught.

3. Your hild will develop tud kill in rd r t m ximiz th tim spent tud ing.

4. Y ur hild will learn h w t best organize him or herself for study success.

5. Y ur child will t bli h n w nd itiv patterns f r l rning with long-lasting effects.

6. Y ur hild will l rn how to r bl m- lv step-by-st nd, th r b , d r th negative f ling f
being v rwh lm d.


W ff r academic i t n t students f all g and are v il bl f r g n r l ubj t r specific subjects. W are prepared t unl k nd expand tud nts full academic t nti l. We ff r students individual one-on-one support in the comfort of their home. Themba Tutors identifies individu l w kn and difficulties students experience with their academic work. Th l n nd assistance given to students is im d at improving their l rning in a r n liz d way. It also enhances nd in till students confidence by f u ing n the r whi h r diffi ult for them and, th r f r , h l ing students become better tud nts with improved academic rf rm n .

As little a f w h ur a w k n h l ur hild id ntif methods f l rning he or she may n t h v b n w r f nd offer tools to t k b k control of d mi tudi . We r fully prepared to help your son or daughter m li h his or her goals.

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