Homeschooling refers to the education of a child at home instead of a traditional private or public school. Homeschooling does not necessarily involve only one child; siblings or various children within the same neighborhood can be homeschooled together.

Why Homeschooling?

There are a number of reasons that cause parents to opt for homeschooling. The most common ones include sickness that has made it difficult for a child to attend school and the need for education to be tailored to suit the child’s academic/learning needs.

Notably, homeschooling affords kids the opportunity to get one-on-one attention from their tutors, and this is typically not achievable with schooling at private or public schools where each teacher has to deal with a large number of students at a time. Not only will homeschooling help kids excel in their academics, it also allows them to learn at their own pace without the need to compete with others.

Perhaps the biggest debates against homeschooling are that homeschooled kids may not develop good social skills and also lack access to school facilities such as well-equipped science labs and gymnasium. Nevertheless, parents can avoid these problems by ensuring homeschooling is done in groups such as the children in the same neighborhood. They can also ensure that children participate in various activities at the public libraries, marinas, museums, and other places where they can interact with other children.

Who Should Oversee Homeschooling?

After choosing to homeschool a child, it is essential for the parents to decide who will be teaching the child. While parents are allowed to teach their children, hiring tutors is a better option. First, home tutors are professionals who know the best approach that will offer each child a better understanding of the subjects.

Second, it is often difficult for parents to have adequate knowledge of science, mathematics, literature, and other important subjects that must be learned at different school grades. However, hiring the service of a tutoring company ensures that different seasoned tutors teach the exact subjects they are well grounded in. Finally, learning specialists can tailor the homeschooling curriculum to best teach math, literacy, and critical thinking skills.