High School Reading Comprehension Strategies

👉😊High School Reading Comprehension Strategies😊👈

👉😊High School Reading Comprehension Strategies😊👈

High school reading comprehension strategies session with Jake and Riley


I really enjoyed meeting Riley yesterday and going over some reding strategies. We had a little icebreaker conversation, shifted to a general discussion of school and learning, and then did some work on reading comprehension,

Throughout both the discussion of school and the more specific work on reading, I was struck by how articulate and reflective Riley was; he is able to make quite sophisticated statements about his thinking and learning, which I truly think will be an asset for him in terms of picking up new skills and habits.

Jumping off the neuro-psych, we started off talking about some goals, and then I showed some specific skills for reading comprehension, which will also help with writing down the line. We used the book The RiverI by Gary Paulsen.

The goals we came up with were:
✅ Make reading more fun
✅ Make it easier to read for a longer period of time
✅ Make writing ideas easier to come up with and easier for his audience to understand.

To those ends, I showed him how to use the following skills and concepts:
✅ Annotations: we used the ideas below for annotating, and I told him that less was more as he sometimes mentioned annotations get in the way. I said at least one note per page, coded (explained below), and described with a few words
✅ Thematic analysis: building on his knowledge of the first book in this series, Hatchet, we identified the theme of “Mental Strength”- he is to code the passage with a T for themes; e.g., “T – mental strength.”
✅ Questions: anytime you’re curious or confused, write down a question mark as the code for questions in the text; e.g. “? who is this”
✅ Prediction: keep track of what you think will happen next as an annotation (Riley opined that this would help you “stay invested” in the narrative – absolutely right!); e.g., “P – he will go back.”
We also practiced self-monitoring: paying attention to when you are confused and allowing yourself the time to go back and re-read. It is a skill that is mostly mental and will just take coaching to practice.

I encouraged him to read at least a few chapters a day with at least one note per page. But I told him to let himself get swept up in the narrative too!

All in all, it was a really enjoyable meeting. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

PS. Riley is a fictitious name to protect his identity.

👉😊High School Reading Comprehension Strategies😊👈


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Jacob is a learning specialist with 15 years of experience serving the learning and developmental needs of students at educational levels ranging from Kindergarten to college. His full-time private practice combines his extensive teaching and tutoring experience with current advancements in educational research and training. Jacob is a graduate of the Bank Street College of Education, with a dual Masters of Science in general and special education, and is certified in New York State for all subjects in grades 1-6, but with years of teaching experience that goes well beyond that age range. Jacob’s research-supported interventions have helped students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, language-based disorders, and communication disorders (including ASD) overcome these barriers and achieve successful outcomes. His areas of expertise include reading comprehension, writing, executive functioning coaching, and subject area remediation. Jacob brings a familiarity with a broad swath of New York public and private school curricula, ranging from elementary to high school levels. He is fluent in all aspects of English, social studies, science, and history content, up to and including preparation for Regents tests, college-level work, and adult education.

Jacob adheres to educational best practices, including multi-sensory approaches, the use of informal assessments to get consistent data and feedback on students’ progress, and sensitivity to students’ developmental stages. His ultimate goal is facilitating his students’ independence and the full realization of their abilities. He strives to make the sessions fun and engaging, using his training as a historian to imbue his practice with a wide-ranging knowledge of culture, literature, art, and politics. Jacob also works as an executive functioning coach, helping students define and understand their goals and strengths, in conjunction with teaching specific strategies, techniques, and habits for time management, organization, and mental stamina. He has had success helping students and families understand how executive functioning affects learning at school and at home. He is comfortable forming learning teams and acting as a liaison between school and home, and regularly engages with psychologists and other specialists who share his students. While retaining a holistic approach centered on student strengths, Jacob is also results-oriented and ultimately focused on student success at their school.

For the 2020-21 school year, Jacob is drawing on his many years of helping families and students get organized to deal with the inevitable disruptions caused by remote learning and reduced in-person teaching. In addition to assisting families with this shift, Jacob is expanding his practice to add daytime teaching hours for homeschooling, learning pods, and other modified pedagogical arrangements, drawing on his experience in the classroom and leading small group learning. While this school year will be different, Jacob’s combination of a holistic strength-based approach with a rigorous focus on organization and follow-through will provide the necessary support needed for students and their families.



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