Tutoring, Themba Tutors

Our multidisciplinary professional tutors have graduate-level academic training in learning and its differences, and extensive professional experience in private and public schools. Since 2012, we have been offering one-on-one, skills-based learning support and tutoring for all core school subjects, from pre-K through college, in the convenience of your own home. Whether you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Westchester (Rye, Scarsdale, Harrison, White Plains) or Fairfield County, ????????? (Greenwich, Riverside, Darien), our staff is dedicated to empowering students at all learning levels, ages, and personalities. Our goal is to help them become more efficient learners within their curricula. Our approach is nurturing and supportive, lauding effort, not intelligence. It is most effective when developed as a team, with parents and teachers. We also work with home-schooled families.


  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsPlan, organize, brainstorm, and complete their work.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsRead effectively and efficiently.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsWrite fluently and structure essays.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsLearn and apply math skills.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsExtract important information.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsCommunicate more effectively with teachers.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsBecome motivated to be life-long learners.
  • Tutoring, Themba TutorsFeel more confident about learning.

We specialize in ??????? and executive functioning tutoring and coaching. We also offer academic evaluatios and adult coaching support. Our college counseling services help students with learning differences–and their parents–understand how best to prepare for college, and identify the best types of support available, once they begin.

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