East & West Hamptons Reading Math Tutor & Specialist 11937 & 11978, Themba Tutors

East & West Hamptons Reading Math Tutor & Specialist 11937 & 11978

East & West Hamptons Reading Math Tutor & Specialist 11937 & 11978

Do you need a reading and math tutor/learning specialist to come to your home this summer in the East and West Hamptons?

Mike is a sought-out educator who will be in the Hamptons this summer!


East & West Hamptons Reading Math Tutor & Specialist 11937 & 11978, Themba Tutors

M.A, NY State Early Childhood & Childhood, NY State Students With Disabilities

Mike graduated from St. Joseph s University on Long Island with a dual bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education for Early Childhood K- 6th grade. He also has a Masters Degree in Literacy K-6th grade from Long Island University. While working to attain his Literacy degree, he developed working knowledge of Fundations, as well as Fountas & Pinell. Before graduating from St. Josephs, Mike was an English major at Manhattanville University while studying to become a lawyer. However, he eventually realized his true passion was working with children and turned his attention to teaching. Both of Mike s parents were special education teachers. His mother taught middle and high school special education as a reading teacher, which helped expose him to years of teaching methods long before he had his own classroom. Now, Mike has over 10 years working in both general education and special education classrooms. For the past 4+ years, he has worked as a special education teacher in an I.C.T. (Integrated Co-Teaching) classroom, as well as a general education teacher at P.S. 170 in Brooklyn. One of his core beliefs is to create student engagement, which helps facilitate learning. He uses numerous multisensory and interactive techniques to enhance students writing, decoding, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension skills. Mike also has extensive knowledge of the NYS Common Core learning standards, which he seamlessly incorporates into each lesson. He also has over five years of sports coaching experience. He brings a passion and willingness to work with students of all learning abilities and styles.

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East & West Hamptons Reading Math Tutor & Specialist 11937 & 11978, Themba Tutors
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