famous people with adhd or add

5 Famous People With ADHD or ADD

5 Famous People With ADHD or ADD

famous people with adhd or add

ADHD has the stature of making life difficult – it is believed to make people incompetent for living life independently.

But that’s the fallacy! – People with ADHD hold an immersive and determined focus ability on the area of their interest or passion. 

Despite the challenges of ADHD, the distinct character of being ‘hyperfocus’ has helped many people become incredibly famous within their fields by extending their unique strengths.  

Let’s roll down to our ADHD hall of world-famous personalities to uncover how people managed their lives and careers with ADHD. 


1.  Will Smith: 

Will Smith is among the world’s most prominent singers and actors. The actor successfully made a substantial mark in the entertainment industry. 

However, his success and stardom haven’t come without challenges. The star confronted a challenging childhood and struggled with academic and social issues because of ADHD.

Will Smith endured ADHD while growing up!

He states – “he was a “B” student who should’ve been getting “A’s.” Talk to your doctor if you think your child is showing symptoms of ADHD.”

He’s been ranked among the “most bankable stars” – today, his success is more apparent despite his disorder.

He stated that he ‘couldn’t finish a book, even if he was granted two weeks to do so. Will Smith expressed himself as “the fun one who had trouble paying attention.” 

The star of the Men in Black series credits his navigated nature as a product of his ADHD.  

Being among the top Hollywood earners wasn’t enough for him. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he states – “He can never sit still and always has to uphold moving towards perfection.

His songs’ Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’ and ‘Men In Black’ paved the path to success in the music industry, with his album ‘Big Willie Style’ going platinum. 

However, despite being diagnosed with ADHD, Smith still aims to become “the greatest movie star in the world,” 

2. Ryan Gosling

His Battle with ADHD At School 

When Ryan Gosling was in the first grade, he was so influenced by the Sylvester Stallone action film ‘First Blood’ that he got steak blades at his school and tossed them at other youngsters during recess which led to his suspension from school. 

He was initially evaluated for ADHD at a young age but wasn’t diagnosed with it. 

But lately, during his childhood, Ryan was diagnosed with ADHD because he struggled with reading and understanding. 

However, his battle with ADHD caused him a lot of complications. 

He was teased in school and had no friends until he was a teenager. Concerned, his mother homeschooled Ryan Gosling for a year. 

Let’s Uncover Ryan Gosling’s love of acting.

According to Ryan Gosling in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “I didn’t feel quite smart. 

They kept me passing in school even though I didn’t know how to do things I should’ve learned how to do. 

Like, I couldn’t read. I couldn’t gulp any leading information, so I caused trouble.”

But, he soon discovered his passion for acting, supporting his focus and concentration.

What has impacted him?

Ryan Gosling grew up in Canada. 

His father was a traveling salesman, so they traveled a lot. 

The family fell apart when Ryan Gosling was young, and he ceased being grown by a working mom and Ryan Gosling’s sister. 

His family issues impacted him deeply. 

3.  Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an American businessman and ex-professional basketball player. 

He overwhelmed his fans with his actions on the court. He is also known as the most influential celebrity.

However, being diagnosed with ADHD didn’t stop Michael Jordan from winning six NBA championships. 

He is one of the most persistent humans anyone will ever come through. 

In most of his interviews, he encourages his fans never to give up, regardless of thousands of defeats and failures, which shows his determination. 

How Has ADHD Helped Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan took advantage of his ADHD symptoms – hyperfocus, hyperactivity, etc. and merged them with his determination. And that’s how he succeeded.

Michael Jordan got blessed with an activity he enjoyed – basketball. He was the only accomplished athlete in basketball history who had ADHD disorder. 

famous people with adhd or add 1 themba tutors.png4.  Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is an American former football player. 

He also emerged as a successful actor and artist. 

Terry notably co-starred in a movie including Failure to Launch. 

However, he also co-hosted many television sports events like Fox NFL Sunday. Plus, he has also been a sports analyst.

He is known to be the toughest competitor in the history of the NFL. Do you still feel ADHD can hold you back from achieving your dreams?

How Terry Bradshaw overcame the haters and showed his true abilities?

Terry Bradshaw struggled all his life because of ADHD. He always gets anxious and depressed before his football games. 

People made fun of him – they would call Terry Bradshaw “dumb.” But he overcame the haters and showed them his abilities by leading Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl victory over the Minnesota Vikings and winning the foremost Super Bowl. 

He struggled with ADHD from childhood, but he never disclosed it until sometime in his NFL profession. 

Terry Bradshaw was diagnosed with ADHD and clinical depression. 

Clinical depression is a disorder that affects the mood and makes you appear down and depressed. It causes a loss of interest and constant mood swings. 

When Terry Bradshaw was diagnosed with clinical depression, he said– “When you are clinically depressed, your serotonin in your brain will be off-balanced, and I will likely always be off balance. 

The mixture of ADHD & clinical depression made his life even more challenging.

5.  James Carville

Best known for standing as the presidential campaign manager for Bill Clinton in 1992 – James Carville is a prominent political anchor and advisor. 

He was diagnosed with adult-onset ADHD and presented periodic speeches for organizations supporting children and adults with ADHD. 

This political pundit and consultant are widely credited for the spectacular and unexpected Bill Clinton’s win in the presidential election. 

However, he struggled with ADHD even during this campaign. James Carville acknowledged his adult-onset ADHD and voiced it out publicly. 

The political worker who became a TV celebrity commentator expressed his experience with adult-onset ADHD in public. 

Is James Carville Ill?

According to his numerous everyday fitness and sickness updates, James is not ill. 

Although his age has affected his appearance, he has no known significant health problems. 

He is still vigorously engaged in his profession and makes frequent public appearances. 

He has delivered several presentations for associations and organizations helping people with ADHD to raise awareness regarding ADHD.  

 Let your child look beyond the negatives and find the positives –
A Word From Themba Tutors

These celebs are evident that ADHD doesn’t hold you back from not living a full, cheerful life.  These well-known formations, and many other less-famous folks, have uncovered ways to thrive with ADHD. Sometimes a struggle in one area evolves with a benefit in another.  Let your child look beyond the negatives, find the positives, and utilize them as assets for thriving. 

We at Themba Tutors coach students with ADHD to flourish in every aspect of their life.  We train students for executive functioning, a major cause of their disruptive behavior.  Executive functioning is a set of skills essential for day-to-day functioning – organization, time management, prioritization, etc.  If you need help from our experts, you can reach out to us anytime!





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