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Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child’s Needs

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Top Math Tutor in New York City
Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


brooklyn math tutor


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Say Goodbye to Math Struggles with the Help of our Brooklyn Math Tutors!

Themba Tutors is a great option for parents looking to unlock their child’s math potential in Brooklyn. Our team of experienced and highly qualified Brooklyn math tutors specializes in providing personalized tutoring services tailored to each individual student. With an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking, students are taught how to think through and solve math problems fun and engagingly. Themba Tutors also provides students with various resources, such as practice problems and tests, to ensure they are learning and making steady progress. With a Brooklyn math tutor, parents can rest assured that their child receives the best possible training and guidance to succeed in math.

Tailored Tutoring for All Skill Levels

At Themba Tutors, we understand that math can be difficult, especially in a competitive city like Brooklyn. That’s why we have a team of experienced Brooklyn math tutors who are dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels achieve their mathematical goals.

Our Brooklyn math tutors are highly qualified, experienced teachers who love math and want to teach it. They are experts in their field and can help you with specific areas of math, whether it’s StatisticsCalculus, Pre-calculusTrigonometryGeometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-algebra, or elementarymiddle, or high school math. They’ll help you figure out what you’re good at and what you need to work on, and then they’ll make a study plan that fits your needs. They’ll help you figure out what you’re good at and what you need to work on, and then they’ll make a study plan that fits your needs.

brooklyn math tutor

But why should you choose Themba Tutors? Here are a few reasons:

  • Interactive and Engaging Learning: Our Brooklyn math tutors use interactive techniques and real-world examples to make math come alive for our students. From playing math games to working on projects, our tutors will help you find joy in math and build a strong foundation of knowledge.
  • Flexible and Convenient Tutoring: We provide flexible and convenient tutoring options. That’s why we offer both in-person and online tutoring services. We understand that every student is different, so we work closely with our students to find the best tutoring format that works for them. This means you can have a tutor come to your home or work with one online, whatever is most convenient for you.
  • Dedicated to Your Success: Our Brooklyn math tutors are passionate educators dedicated to helping you succeed. They will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized study plan tailored to your needs. With their help, you’ll be able to conquer those tricky math problems and ace that test in no time.
  • Individualized Attention and Support: At Themba Tutors, we understand the importance of individualized attention and support. Our Brooklyn math tutors work one-on-one with their students to ensure they get the help they need to succeed.
  • Staying Up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies: We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and curriculums. Our Brooklyn math tutors constantly learn and adapt to new teaching methods and curriculum changes to ensure they provide the most current and effective tutoring.

Personalized Tutoring: Your Key to Conquering Math in Brooklyn

Don’t let math hold you back any longer. Visit today and let Themba Tutors help you achieve your mathematical dreams. With our expert Brooklyn math tutors, you’ll be able to conquer those tricky math problems and ace that test in no time! With the help of our expert Brooklyn math tutors and personalized ways of teaching, you’ll be able to reach.


Chris has been wonderful working with U on math for the past few months, she adores him!


We have been with our tutor, Cailin, for two years, from 5th – 7th grade. She started as an executive functioning tutor with my daughter. From the start, she demonstrated a depth of expertise and a selective use of techniques skillfully adapted to my daughter’s ADHD and math disability. Cailin made math accessible and understandable to her in a way that even her teachers had not been able to do. She differentiated reading, writing and math tasks and assignments to tailor them to my daughter’s unique learning differences. Not only did it have an effect on her grades and her work efficiency, but she finally could do her work with less anxiety. Even my daughter’s teachers used Cailin’s guidance to modify their work with her. But most importantly, she became my daughter’s favorite resource. I can’t say how invaluable Cailin has been to my daughter’s progress and well-being. I’d recommend her a million times over. She is a gem.


My daughter, a freshman in a public high school, was struggling in math. I got in touch with Blythe at Themba, and she managed to have a wonderful math tutor come to my home the following day. She stayed much more than the required time to make sure that my daughter understood all the concepts. She also followed up with us and asked if we had any other questions that she could help with. As a parent, it is a relief to know that you can secure a tutor very quickly who comes straight to your home.
A great experience!


My son who has dyslexia enjoyed working with Jeffrey on his math skills so much that he didn’t want to stop at the end of sessions. Jeffrey connected to my son. He was gentle with his teaching approach and helped to build his self-esteem and confidence.


My son has been working with Jeffrey for math tutoring with brilliant results. Jeffrey helped reinforce the lessons from class, helping him build confidence and perseverance. Jeffrey worked diligently to prepare for each session by making sure he was aware of what material my son was covering each week. Jeffrey would arrive for sessions with problem sheets they could work from to strengthen his skills. He was always very patient, reassuring, and encouraging. While at the same time, he pushed Oliver toward mastery of the material. In six months, my son began to see himself as a capable, successful math student.


Ethan was very happy with the sessions and I could see his increased confidence in Math classes at school. Ethan’s grades were generally improved in his IB maths assessments and his MAP percentile ranking increased from 78 to 87%. During this time, Ethan missed 2 of his 5 school Math classes each week for tennis training. Sam provided the math support we needed at home to cover the curriculum but also worked well to fill gaps in his knowledge from previous years.


meet our BROOKYLN MATH TUTORS who travel to your home

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


Certified Special Education Teacher



Master’s in Leadership in Math Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


Certified Math and Special Education Teacher, MS Math Education

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


Master’s in Mathematics Education(5-9)



Masters in Math Education

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


M.A. – Special Education

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


Master’s in Math Education

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Educational Leadership



Master of Science, Special Education

Finding the Right Brooklyn Math Tutor for Your Child's Needs


Literacy Specialist

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Meet Craig Selinger, the passionate owner behind Themba Tutors, a renowned practice specializing in executive function coaching and tutoring. Together with his team of multidisciplinary professionals, they bring their extensive knowledge to numerous locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as offering remote services. As a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of NY, executive functioning coach, and educational specialist with an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Craig has professionally assisted thousands of families. Craig's proficiency encompasses a wide spectrum of areas, including language-related learning challenges such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. He is also well-versed in executive functioning, ADHD/ADD, and various learning disabilities. What truly distinguishes Craig and his team is their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive support. By actively collaborating with the most esteemed professionals within the NYC metropolitan region – from neuropsychologists to mental health therapists and allied health experts – they create a network of expertise.
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