best homework station for a child with adhd

Best Homework Station for a Child with ADHD

What’s the Best Homework Station for a Child with ADHD?

Best Homework Station For A Child With ADHD

Are you searching for the best homework stations for your child with ADHD? What’s the best homework station?

Is it any of these?

➡ Corner shelf
➡ Family workstation
➡ Computer study table
➡ Hall / study room
➡ Window area desk
➡ Creative desk
➡ Closet homework desk
➡ Hanging desk
➡ Wall-mounted homework space
➡ Mobile homework table
➡ Bunk bed with homework space
➡ Beside the kitchen table
➡ The all-rounder homework station

Before brainstorming, read on!



You’ve got your child the fanciest and most advanced homework station. 

But are you one hundred percent sure it will work for your child?

The answer is NO.

What’s best for one child may not be the best for another!

So, before you start planning your child’s homework station, consider the following.

The Best Homework Station Is the One That Works for Your Child


Your research for an ideal homework station should begin with the right information.

You must be wondering what information I need before heading to research.

Ideal means satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect and most suitable. Therefore, the ideal homework station should be the one that addresses and satisfies the needs of your child with ADHD.

And that’s why you need to get a lot of information regarding the nature, needs, and requirements of your child with ADHD.

There are plenty of factors to consider before you make a decision. Setting up an efficient homework space may seem simple, but it isn’t!

To clarify the concept, I am extracting some of the best homework station ideas from the community of parents with a child with ADHD.

Source –

Danielle wants to boost his focus.Best Homework Station for a Child with ADHD
Danielle’s son’s main issues are with working memory and communication, so she decided to design a homework space that encourages focused homework sessions and eliminates distractions.

Best Homework Station For A Child With ADHDKerri wants everything within her reachBest Homework Station for a Child with ADHD
Kerri is a college girl with ADHD. She prefers to have everything within reach – so she designed a homework space that allows her to stay organized and and easily access all the notes and materials she needs.

Samantha wants a busier homework station for her son.Best Homework Station for a Child with ADHD
Samantha’s son struggles with ADHD and dyslexia. She states that his homework space seems quite busy, but that’s fine for him. His homework station includes some fidget toys. However, she mentioned her son’s interest in music. The best thing is that she is aware of what keeps her child focused (music and lamp) and distracts him (lyrics). She says all this setup has eased the homework session – and that’s all the parents need.

Jamie wants a small homework station for her son.Best Homework Station for a Child with ADHD
Jamie’s son with ADHD works on a small desk tucked into one corner because it makes him feel comfortable and helps avoid distractions around him.

Best Homework Station For A Child With ADHD

Amanda wants a homework station that fits in a small space. Best Homework Station for a Child with ADHD
Amanda designed a small portable homework space for her first grader. She used an innovative traffic light timer to keep her child on track. Also, Amanda adjusts the timer’s duration according to the capability of her child. Also, she keeps things in their spots to keep better track of study supplies.

These people have designed the best homework station for their children because they know their children’s requirements.

This is why it’s important to understand what works and won’t work for your child.

The wrong information can lead to a colossal disaster. And chances are, maybe your child gets more irritated with the design you built for them.

Finding The Best Homework Station – The Process Teardown

The whole process is broken into four fragments to help you get the best homework space for your child with ADHD.

1- Nature of the homework station

2- Structure of the workflow

3- Organization

4- Required toys and tools

Nature of the Homework Station

To design the best homework station, you must start with the basics. What kind of study space will suit your child? Know your child’s interests. You can create different types of homework stations for your child with ADHD.

Let’s look at some of the popular homework stations and their features in detail.

1.  Corner shelf homework space

It is the most simple homework space design you can think of!

If your child’s room has any vacant space, you can install a shelf and a chair to it, and that’s ready.

However, if you want to add more room and volume, you can add more shelves for bookkeeping and stationary organization.

It is the most affordable homework setup one can have!

2. Family workstation

Some children may prefer to study in the family's pace. This way, you can spend more time with your child. For example, you can finish the kitchen tasks while your child is completing homework in front of you. 

3. Computer study table

Most middle and high schoolers require computers for their assignments, projects, and homework. Therefore, many children want a study space with computers to avoid going back and forth from their study space to their computer systems. 

The constant back and forth exhausts the children with ADHD. Therefore, if there’s a need for computers, it is highly suggested to keep them within your child’s reach.

However, if your child prefers to have some distance from computers when not needed, you can add a separate shelf to the setup that only consists of the computer system. So, when it is not in use, your child can stay away from it.

4. Window area desk

This homework space design can benefit your child physically and mentally.  

It is said that Nature helps children with ADHD reduce their symptoms.

You can place just a shelf near the window to design a workspace. However, you can also add more creative elements to it according to your child’s preference.

5. Closet homework desk

You can create a closet homework desk just like a closet wardrobe.

It is just like another separate homework space for your child with ADHD.

The closet homework station is made in a small space covered from all sides with a door in the center. You can organize shelves, chairs, and other stationaries in the closet homework station. 

6. Hanging desk

If your home needs to be bigger or your child wants a minimalist study space, you can use the hanging desk. This setup requires very less space. Additionally, it will look creative to your child.

7. Wall-mounted study space

It is a foldable study desk installed with wall support. Children can open and close this study desk as per their needs. 

Once you have decided on the type of homework space your child needs, you can now fit in all the other elements required by your child to make it the best homework station.

Structure of the Workflows 

Children with ADHD need clarity in the work lists and expectations. Unclear lists and tasks lead to much back and forth, which fatigue/tires your child. They need help figuring out the things, which ultimately consumes a lot of their time and effort, leaving them with very low energy for primary tasks.  

Structure and workflow schedules help children with ADHD know what exactly to do next. A study found that children can better regulate their behavior regardless of age when they have a predictable schedule and work structure. 

Therefore, parents should incorporate structuring and scheduling elements in the study space to smoothen the child’s homework sessions. Some must-have elements for the best homework station include-

1. Calendars

There should be an appropriate size calendar in your child’s study space. The calendar is often the study space’s most underestimated and overlooked element. Calendars help students to keep track of their assignments and other daily activities. 

Once your child gets into the habit of using calendars for tracking their daily life events – it will change their life.

2. Sticky notes

Children with ADHD are likely to forget their small and big tasks when said randomly, like bringing an item for show and tell the next school day, school events, or assigned tasks for the day by a teacher. Sticky notes can be a savior for them. These can help them keep track of different elements in their daily life. 

3. Timers

Timers are non-negotiable elements of the study space, particularly for students with ADHD. Students with ADHD face challenges in regulating their attention. Therefore, practicing focus is the most important activity for them. Timers can help children better improve their focus

The best part is children can have a separate session to practice focus if they include timers in their study sessions. 

For example, children with ADHD can set up timers for 15-20 minutes, depending on their preference, and stay on one homework task for that particular time. It will benefit children in two ways: they can practice focus and parallelly get their homework done.


Children with ADHD lack executive functioning. Therefore, they are poor at organizational skills. They need your help to stay organized and plan their day better. Therefore, include different items in the study space that can help your child stay organized. Here are a few examples:

1. Colorful folders

These help children with ADHD stay organized without much hassle. For example, all the history assignments and test papers are kept in the red folder. Also, with time, they will remember the colors and subjects, eventually reducing their efforts to get things done. All this will definitely ease down the life of your child with ADHD.

2. Colored & erasable pens and bookmarks

You may never think of going through such minute details for setting the homework space. But these overlooked elements in the study space are often the most important ones. 

Erasable pens and highlighters will reduce your child’s irritation. 

Do you know why? 

Because children are most likely to go wrong while doing their homework, this way, children are left with only two options – writing the assignments all over again or continuing with dirty assignments, which frustrates children. But erasable pens and highlighters can do wonders. 

Colored pens stimulate children and help them stay attentive during the study sessions. 

Also, bookmarks are essential because children with ADHD quickly lose track of their daily readings and learnings. Bookmarks can help children overcome such problems. 

3. Desk supplies organizers

An unorganized and cluttered desk can overwhelm children with ADHD. Desk supply organizers can get things under their control. Stationary holders, desk pouches, drawer trays, laptop stands, etc., are essential desktop supplies. All of these increase productivity and reduce energy wastage.

4. Required toys and tools

Fidget toys are small- to medium-sized handheld objects intended for self-regulation. It will help children improve their focus and overcome the feeling of excitement, anxiety, and boredom. 

Mostly, parents restrict children from moving or fidgeting during study hours. But you need to understand – movements help children with ADHD stay alert and focused. Appreciate your child’s movements and support them.

A few of the toys and tools that you should include in the study space of your child include:

  • Fidget Spinners
  • Pop-it toys
  • Stress Ball
  • Sensory toys

Understand Your Child’s Need – A Word from Themba Tutors


Parents run behind the idea of getting the most comfortable and advanced homework station for their child with ADHD. But the right strategy is to understand your child first by identifying their needs, likes, dislikes, etc. 

If you face challenges in evaluating your child’s characteristics and persona – we can help you! Themba Tutors has been coaching and guiding children with ADHD. 

We are a team of professional experts helping parents evaluate their children and find the best possible solutions. 

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