Executive Functioning

Themba Tutors works with students of all ages with executive functioning disorders. Our learning specialists provide these students with the tools they need to become more efficient learners. Our tutoring is strategy based and helps students with central executive functioning disorders become more organized, better at test taking, and more skilled at using techniques to improve their math & reading skills, oral communication, and study skills.

Tutors working with adolescents and executive functioning skills may address some of the following skills identified by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

  • Breaking a project down into manageable pieces.
  • Identifying reasonable plans (with timelines) for completing each piece.
  • Self-monitoring while working.
  • Being aware of critical times for focused attention.
  • Using memory supports for organizing tasks.
  • Keeping a calendar of project deadlines and steps along the way.
  • After completing an assignment, reflecting on what did and did not work well. Developing a list of things that have supported focused and sustained attention as well as good organization, memory and project completion.
  • Thinking about what was learned from assignments that were not completed well. Was this due to a lack of information, a need to improve certain skills, bad time management, etc. What would you do differently next time

from: Executive Function Activities for Adolescents. Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

Most peoples’ executive functioning skills do not reach maximum development until about age 25. It’s no wonder that adolescents are known for their limited executive functioning skills, which are often mismatched with their senses of emerging freedom and autonomy, their intense emotions and their sexual drive. This imbalance often results in limited self-regulation and a lack of good judgment during the teenage years. Of course many teens often need their parents to set external limits and be the stand-in for their underdeveloped executive functions. In addition, Themba tutors can help to directly provide teens tools and strategies to become more self-aware and self-sufficient.

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