Low Cost SAT/ACT Tutoring

Themba Tutors, a company of NYC learning specialists, believes all students, regardless of family income, should have the opportunity to benefit from our professional learning support services.

Thema Tutors is offering an opportunity for a student to receive 10 sessions of low-cost SAT or ACT tutoring in the fall of 2013. To take advantage of this opportunity, the student should:
1. have a diagnosed learning issue
2. plan to take the SAT or ACT within the academic year
3. live in Manhattan or Brooklyn
4. demonstrate that he or she comes from a low-income family

If you are interested in low-cost SAT or ACT tutoring, please copy and paste the following questions, below, and email your answers to info@thembatutors.com. If you are a finalist, Themba Tutors will contact you by October 1st, 20013.

1) Parent and student’s name
2) Address
3) Are you a junior in high school What high school do you attend
4) Do you plan on taking the SAT or ACT
5) What colleges are you applying to
6) When are you available for the tutoring
7) Please let us know approximately how much the student’s family earned in the 2012 tax year (we will ask for a copy of the W-2 form)
8) Can you afford to pay Themba Tutors $40 per session over 10 sessions, $400 total Themba Tutors will waive all other fees (we charge $175 per hour for SAT and ACT tutoring). If you can’t afford $40 per session, how much can you contribute
9) Why should you win this scholarship

Good luck!

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