Test Prep

SAT, GRE, SHSAT, ISEE/SSAT, Academic Tutoring

Our professional tutors offer test preparation customized to your child’s unique learning profile–no one-size-fits-all test preparation. Not only do we teach the test content, but we also target the necessary skills and test-taking strategies. As most of our students have identified learning issues, we also understand how to help them use their standardized tests accommodations, such as extended time or multiple-day testing.
We prepare students for the following tests:
• State tests in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science for grades 3 through high school.
• SHSAT for admission to specialized public high schools
• ISEE/SSAT for admission to private boarding and day schools
• Academic tests in all subject areas.
• Regents
• PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT for admission to college.
• College essays and test preparation